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I am a stunt girl

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 1, 2011

Great stunt, aye? I have done it on my motorbike too. It would be cool if I can do it on a horse too. It’s even better if I got equestrian clothing, then I can be a real cow girl, Yee…… Haa! 😛

Since last week, this was what happened every morning before she goes to school. When she was 3 years old, she loved to have a long walk before she goes to school. Now, It’s cycling. :)

She has no problem controlling the hand break now. She can stop the bicycle almost immediately. Somehow, she dare not cycle too fast as she learned that every fast turning will cause the bicycle tumbled around.

Also, she was extra careful while cycling beside daddy’s or mummy’s car as she was warned by mum when she accidentally scratched daddy’s and uncle ZY’s car last week.

This morning, she was asking for a bell to put on the bicycle. So that she can play pretend to be a mobile seller.

Mum:”That’s a good idea. We will buy 1 bell from the bicycle shop this weekend, ok?”Liz:”Hooray! Thanks, mum!’ 😉


It’s Halloween Party!

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 3, 2010

It’s my school concert on the 3oth. But, it’s also our Halloween party. I am so excited! Pretty aye? Of course! My skin is still smooth and silky. Ha! I just don’t need acne treatment to get the smooth and silky face like mum. Hehe……

And…… Let’s party! 😉

See… These two are my good friends, good classmates and my buddy! 😉 Friends forever! Cheers! Hahahahahaha……

And, mummy was so kind to make me a nice cool witch broom specially for me at home right before I departed to the party. Every of my friends love it! They just keep robbing my broom. I didn’t get hurt. A witch with powerful black magic can never get hurt. But the broom did. :(

Eventually the broom vanished and all my magic has gone too! Sorry… Grandma. *Sob Sob* Hahahahahahaha……

By the way, mummy’s girl was really cool. Mummy just couldn’t believe my eyes as they just straight away gave me such sweet and naughty posting once I said:” Come on! Both of you! Let’s take pictures together.” Unbelievable! 😉

Mummy really admires your social skills, little ones. Ichiban! Hahahahahahaha………


I build my own playground

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 1, 2010

When I am bored, I will watch cartoons, read books, dance at home. But, I want to go playground.

Liz:”I want to go playground, mum!”

Mum:”But honey, it’s time to go to bed.”

So, I sit aside with a grumpy face. After a while……

Liz:”I got an idea, mum!”

Look! I got my own playground now. Hooray! The one and only one in the world! Kakakakaka………

Wow! Mummy is kind of admire me cause this is creative. I am a genius! 😉

You always did that with sofa cushion. It’s amazing, honey! But watch out! I guess that’s the reason why even children needs insurance. Ha! Insurance! If I tell you this, I am a child that full of question will surely ask:” what is term life insurance? ” 😯

That’s challenging for mummy. But I am lucky! We got an expert at home. Just go to your dad. 😛


First time dancing in the public

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 18, 2010

Mummy really need to mark this down even though there is no pictures for remembrance. Mummy was so regret I never brought along my camera that evening.

It was last Saturday’s evening. A day that I will never forget. There is a drawing contest and dance shows at the park nearby corresponding with earth day. It’s more like a kid event. Little Elizabeth wanted to draw and color too. Somehow, we were late. She was upset.

Later, she wanted to dance on the stage. But, she was not allowed to join the team as this is a performance from a school. Her unhappiness was all up on her face. Nearly cried. But, she was lucky. At the end of the performance, the MC finally invited all the children in the audience seats to go up to the stage to dance.

And, mummy was so proud when little Elizabeth raise her hand on her own. She was the first and the youngest to get up to the stage. Also, the first one to move and get loud cheering from the crowd once her favourite song — “Nobody” from Wonder girls started. She really dance beautifully like the wonder girls with no stage fright at all. 😛

I never knew you can be so good on the stage. This time, you really make me think that may be you are just born for it. I can never forget how gorgeous you are that evening. Wonderful! And, thanks for the great surprise. 😉


I want to go to Shirt Class

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 13, 2010

Liz:”Mummy, I can’t wait any more. Can we go to McD now?”

Mummy:”Alright. Let’s go!”Liz:”But, I don’t know how to change. I need you to change for me.”

Mummy:”Oh! Ok. Ok. I am coming!” 😛

As mummy was changing for my little princess……

Liz:”Mummy, I want to go to shirt class, ok?”

Mummy:”What? Shirt class?” 😯 *Puzzled*

Liz:”Yes. I want to learn how to change shirt.” Waahahahahahaha……

Mummy:”Now I understand what you mean, baby. But, I am so sorry. There is no shirt class. Mummy will teach you how to do it at home, ok?”

Liz:”O… Ok. How about swimming class? Got swimming class or not?”

Mummy:”oh, sure! But, I think you are too young now. Somehow, we can give it a try during the year end school holiday, ok?”Liz:”Ok.” 😉

Wow! Looks like my curious little cheeky is so keen on learning now. Or is it because she was so contented to attend classes since young. Somehow, nothing to loss if she loves attending classes aye?  At least she already understand that attending classes is to learn something that we don’t know.

By the way, I think mummy will send you to learn swimming by year end holiday. No more delay. As that’s what happened yesterday.

Liz:”Mummy, how can I swim without the float? Mmmm…… (thinking)”

Then she take out her float, and immediately she just get down to this 4 feet pool by herself. 😯

But surprisingly she managed to grab the steal ladder and get her head up by herself before mummy grab her. Stunning! but, very dangerous as well. Mummy just got to watch her more closely this time. Of course, she should know how to float on her own as soon as possible too. :)


I am breastfeeding

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 2, 2010

Guess what was she doing? Ladies and gentlemen……

Mummy:”What are you doing?”

Liz:” I am the mummy. And, this is my baby. I am breastfeeding now.”How about that? Hahahahahaha……

She even try to suck on mummy’s nipple every now and then recently. Kind of trying to imagine how she sucked breast milk when she was still a baby. Cute aye? Hahahahahaha……

She loves playing pretends. Moreover, she is quite interested in biology too. Especially human body. I guess if she knew there were first aid classes which taught people all the methods to save a person’s life, she will definitely be very excited about it. I can imagine how happy she is, if she get a chance to learn how to use the pulse oximeter, oxygen mask and bandages or antiseptic wipes. 😛


I am giving birth

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 27, 2010

After absent for 3 weeks, mummy finally blogging again. I know I missed out a lot of great moments. Sorry baby. But, mummy just need a break because of internet connection, computer and camera problems that occurred all together.

😯 Yikes! What’s this? It’s kind of irritating! (Only if we are thinking in the wrong direction.)

Mummy:”What are you doing, baby?”

Liz:”I am giving birth. But why my baby cannot come out?”

Mummy:”Oh!” Hahahahahaha…… Interesting! I think I want to record this, can you please do it again, please?

So, little Elizabeth is just trying to experience the most precious moment of every mother — giving birth. Cute aye? Hahahahaha…… Like I always said. This curious little one is always full of surprises. 😉

Anyway, mummy just forgot how it started. But, Elizabeth just keep requesting for the videos about baby delivery and breast feeding in youtube once she get in touch with it few days ago. I think it’s kind of educational. So, mummy just say yes! :)


Today is already the 3rd day

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 9, 2010

Oh! Did you start taking picture again, mum? Wait… wait…

How’s the post? Brilliant aye? I am a Super model! Ha!

I posted at the airport and let mum took a few pictures for me after “Poh Poh” and “Gong Gong” check in to fly to Bangkok.I look good, din’t I? But I actually kept sneezing out mucus. On the other hand, mummy and “Kak Sue” were fully equipped with lots of tissues and were busy helping me to blow my nose all day long.

My flu is certainly getting serious. Also, It’s already the 3rd day since I first get fever. I kind of lost appetite since I get sick this Friday. Thus, I started to loose weight now. Obviously, I am not good. Looks like I am going to be absent at school tomorrow. Hooray! 😯

By the way, I don’t mind loosing some weight. As I became quite chubby lately. Getting slimmer is definitely a good news for a little vain pot like me who has no money to buy apidexin. But no medicine please, mum! :(


My new Hello Kitty Cap

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 9, 2010

Even though I am sick yesterday, but I am still quite active.

Liz:”I want to eat Japanese food. And, I want to go shopping at Gurney Plaza.”

Alright. Mummy was trying hard to please you. Kind of pity my little princess get sick again. So, everybody get ready. Let’s go to gurney Plaza. Then, look at my little vain pot……

I love my new white Hello Kitty cap from Spain. 😉

How about that? Fully dress up with cap, sunglasses and handbag.

Liz:”Mummy, I am so beautiful!” :)I think you forgot your handphone (her toy Barbie handphone), baby. Hahahahaha……


The balloon can fly straight up to the sky

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 7, 2010

Your first time attending church wedding. So do mummy and daddy. Well, you enjoyed playing with the helium balloon which will fly straight up to the sky once you release it. of course, the rainbow colored paper party stripes is nice to play with too.  😛

Liz:”I want balloon!”Daddy:”Ok.” Daddy jump on a chair to get the balloon on hanging on the ceiling for you. Once, Twice and thrice.


Daddy:”You let go the balloon again?” 😯


Well, that’s a cheeky smiled.

I guess my little curious cutie just find it interesting to see the balloon flying high up to the sky and never drop back down. Ha! As these balloons never drop back down to the floor like those she always get it free from the counter displays at the mall or those we pumped or blew for her at home. Thus, she even let go the last balloon that she brought home to the sky immediately she reached home.Liz:”The balloon can fly straight to the sky.” Haha……

Mummy:”Why still so happy? You got no more balloon, you know?”

Liz:”It’s ok, mum. It’s ok.” :)

Cute! 😉


I cannot believe

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 26, 2010

Elizabeth was praying in the car when she saw the “Datuk Gong” at the car wash place. Mummy has nothing much to do. Thus, mummy started a conversation like this with little Elizabeth.

Mummy:” Why are you praying?”

Liz:”Because the “Ah Gong” (grandpa or old man she means) die.” (Obviously, her idea is… We are praying to our ancestor or the dead.)

Mummy:”No, the God in the temple and dead people is different. We are praying to the God to get help. God will help us in many ways if we pray to them.” Immediately, she looks puzzled. Then, she just kept quiet.

Mummy:”Do you believe that God will help us?”

Liz:”No. I cannot believe.” (Wow! She used the word “cannot believe”, which sounds like impossible.)

Mm! What do you think? She seems to understand that things which actually just like a statue to her can do no help to us. Logically, she is absolutely right. So, It should be a smart answer.  Well, it’s a bit too early to know about God. 😉


I am praying

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 18, 2010

Ever since I came back from Spain, it’s always…

Liz:”Mummy, I want to watch cartoon.”

Liz:”Mummy, can I watch cartoon, please…”

No way! Mummy promised that this situation is going to end by today. Mummy must make a new plan with lots of activities. But definitely not this.

Mummy:”What is all these for, baby?”

Liz:”It’s the decoration for praying.” 😯 Then, she just starts her prayers. LOL!

I think she learn this from our “Cheng Ming” (Ancestor praying day) prayers at home. Well, mummy really don’t mind. But, please don’t pray to mummy and daddy’s wedding photo. You don’t pray to people who are still alive, baby. *Choi!* Hahahahahaha……


My Throat Pain Pain

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 15, 2010

You missed your afternoon nap as you were coughing badly yesterday. You get frustrated. You told mummy you were so sick.

Liz:”Mummy, my throat pain pain. I want to see doctor.” You kept complaining. Then, you vomited. 😯

Mummy:”Don’t worry. Mummy will take you to the doctor now. ”

Mummy called daddy. So when daddy questioned you in the phone……

Daddy:”Did you feel your throat pain pain when you drink water?”

Liz:”No.” 😯

Mummy:”Are you sure your throat has no pain when you drink water?” You nod your head almost immediately.

Mummy:”Your throat only pain pain when you cough?” Nod Nod again.

Mummy:”That means you has no sore throat. No need to see doctor then.”

Liz:”My throat pain pain. I want to go playground.”

So that’s the truth behind this whole story. You wanted to visit the playground in the clinic. What a cheeky girl! Hahahahaha……

So my darling, mummy realized that you lie a lot recently. How am I going to stop this bad habit of yours? :(

But, mummy have to admit that your mood really was affected by the bad cough. You were crying in the music class just now for about half the lesson. Poor girl! And, you are surely excited if I buy gold bullion for you. But it will definitely not as excited as you see the playground. That’s kids. So, cheer up! Baby! Mummy promised that tomorrow we will be at the playground, alright? 😉


Musketeer… Musketeer……

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 6, 2010

Last night, mummy was playing pretend with little Elizabeth.

LOL! This is totally not what you were doing just now. Would it be better if mummy take away the rugs? See… this is normally what happened when you know you are in front of the camera. Soft voice, still in action and feels funny. 😛

And just when you thought you are out of the camera, here you go again.

Wow! This is so much better. Such a graceful musketeer. Hahahaha……


I am a pirate now

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 20, 2010

Daddy always said everyday is a happy day for me. It’s quite true when I don’t have to wake up early in the morning and go to school like now. I just don’t mind staying at home. As there are so many things to play in the house.


This is grandma’s scarf. And, Kak Sue help me to tie it on my head. Beautiful! Even mummy loves it!

Look! No more cowgirl riding on a horse. It’s the pirate this time. Hahahahahahaha……

It’s should be another happy Saturday. :)


Let’s Dress up, Pooh!

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 20, 2010


ee how I dressed “Pooh Pooh” up. 😉

Cool! I must be a great fashion designer in the future. Ya. Ya. Since you already so active and happily enjoying yourself at home yesterday with no sign of fever or runny nose anymore, why don’t you go to school? Hahahahaha……

Of course, mummy do believe that emotion affects our health. Thus, you are allow to change to your uniform without brushing your teeth. And, you really feel at ease. But… Yike! Must be smelly. Never mind, right? Cause brushing teeth is a true suffering for you. :(

Well, just take a “gummy bear” to cover the bad breathe, ok? Hahahaha……

Also, please brush your teeth tomorrow. :)


Let’s Disco

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 7, 2009

We went shopping again upon special request. You have spotted a cashier machine in the latest Mothercare toy’s catalog. Daddy and mummy promised to buy it for you in this weekend. So, you were so excited when we were on our way to Gurney Plaza. And, this is what happened while you have great mood and nice music.

How about that? One word. Brilliant! Even better than mummy and daddy! Mummy is so proud every time I see you dancing, shaking and moving with various styles. Your hip hop is amazing! Your Indian dance is wonderful too. And, you told mummy that you also interested in ballroom dancing. Yeah… Good choice. As you can dressed up like a princess and dance with the prince charming in tuxedos. 😉

And, that’s your new watch which is a gift from “Poh Poh” about 2 weeks ago. You have always wanted a watch. But, mummy just can’t find a watch that can fit your little hands. So, this is your first watch.  Thanks to “Poh Poh”. :)


I don’t want to “pom pom”

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 9, 2009

 A short conversation after she came back from school yesterday.

Liz:”Mummy, I don’t want to “pom pom”.”

Mummy:”Then? You want to sleep?”


Quiet for a while. Then, continue talking…

Liz:”And, you must watch Barney, ok? You watch Barney, ok? We watch Barney together?”

Mummy:”Huh? Barney? I don’t want to watch Barney.”

Liz:”We must watch Barney, ok?”

Mummy:”Why must I? I don’t like to watch Barney.”

Liz:”Er… You let me watch Barney, then I go “pom pom”, ok? Immediately she showed her cheeky smile too.

Mummy:” Ah…… You are trying to tease mummy, don’t you? No!”



Liz:”Yes!” Kind of determined.

Mummy:”No! You don’t have to go “pom pom” now. Just sleep. I don’t mind.”

Then, mummy walked out of the room.

After 5 minutes, she called:” Mummy… I want to “pom pom”. Hahahahaha…… Mummy wins! 😉


Let’s get Hip Hop

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 4, 2009





Mummy must post these pictures before I forget. You look so cute in these caps and wrist bands! What a cool Hip Hop style!

This curious and fashionable little vain pot will try any new fashion that seems interesting to her. Just as what happened to the food. She tries almost everything. Just keep eating without knowing the risk of getting “out of shape” or  what’s weight loss austin. Somehow, she will  spit then out immediately if she finds it awful! 😉

Luckily, she still finds her own way to be in shape unknowingly through dancing, hoping, running and jumping around. This cool little baby really like to hip hop. Sometimes, she will switch to slow dance and said:” I am a ballerina.” Cool, aye? :)


Buy the 3 legs

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 30, 2009

Daddy is watching a spider with Elizabeth.

Daddy:” Let it go, baby. This spider already injured. See… It has only 5 legs. ”

So, the spider is gone in seconds.

Liz:” Where is the spider?”

Daddy:” Let it go, baby. Spider has 8 legs. But, this spider only have 5 legs.  Where are the other 3 legs go?”

Mummy was trying to explain by showing 8 minus 5 using fingers.

Mummy:” So where is the other 3 legs?”

Liz:” Oh! Can buy the 3 legs.”


It’s funny, isn’t it? But, mummy is kind of proud that there is certain extent of logic there. At least little Elizabeth does understand that the spider’s legs need replacement. And, she seems manage to find a solution for this problem. That is to buy new legs and replace it. Isn’t it a good try?  :)

Of course, it’s time to teach her about things we cannot just buy and replace it. At least not the spider legs.  😛


Mummy… I watch TV

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 10, 2009

She knows that mummy is trying to stop her from watching TV. But, little Elizabeth is such a good girl. She never complain much or either show her tantrum as her TV time being almost completely cut out.

Just now, she was sitting on the sofa right in front of the TV. And, out of the sudden she said: “Mummy…… I watch TV!” Loud and clear. As mummy turned around from blogging on the computer, I saw her looking at me with her cheeky look and smile.

Guess what? Obviously, she was trying to attract mummy’s attention. And, surprisingly she is also using the right trick. This is absolutely one good example of how cheeky this little girl is. You really good at teasing people, my dear! Even at the age of 2. LOL! :roll:


No! I Scold! And… Go there!

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 15, 2009

These few days, less play dough or toys. Just keep watching TV. Dinosaur …(Jurassic Park), Dragon (Eragon) or Hulk smash (The Incredible Hulk). LOL! Kind of violent, isn’t it? Luckily she still likes to sing together with Barney shows.

Somehow, always on TV is definitely not a good habit. Definitely! And, learning to scold others is even worse. However, just look at the way she scold others. It’s so cute!

In fact, she is just imitating the teacher’s behavior in one of the trial class. LOL!


I am a SuperHero

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 3, 2009

Half an hour ago,  she came around and said: “Mummy, Cheez… Cheez…”

“Wow… This is cool! Alright! Stand over there. Mummy will take pictures for you to show daddy, ok?”

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome “Doremon Mask Girl” has come to the rescue!

How’s the mask and my post, daddy? Hahahaha……She post like professional. And, mummy is so proud of my little Super Model. Ops… I think she prefer to be SuperHero! Hahahahaha……

Unbelievable! 😛


I am “Donna”

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 23, 2008

This is one of her famous dance performance which she learned from Donna in the movie — “Mama Mia”. Lovely, aye? Mommy like it too!

May be this is little Elizabeth’s adventures. Obviously she is fearless. Somehow, mommy is fearful. What if accidence happens? (She did knocked her head on the wall once) It can be serious, but definitely not something the Chicago injury lawyer can help or will help.

So, this is one of the so called growing up process? Getting more cheeky and fearless? Gosh! It’s getting tougher. I mean our job as parents in taking care of a 2 years old. But look at how much she enjoyed it. After all, it is a great performance. Shall I stop her? Oh… Confusing!


I found a Gunny Sack

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 4, 2008

Daddy is watching WWE. It’s midnight. I am still awake. Am I getting excited as my special day is already begin. But, I don’t really enjoy the show. Luckily, I have something to play with. Now… Guess whose pants is this? 😉

Someone I like so much. His friends are also my friends. And, I always knocked outside his room and shouted:”Gu Gu!”, until he opens the door. Hahaha…….

So? That’s uncle Bill’s pants. Big like a Gunny Sack to me. I like it! Let’s Hop! And hop! And hop! Hahahaha…….

See! There is always something nice to play with in the house. Everything can be a toy. 😛