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I am very cold

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 29, 2010

As you can see, my little princess was still quite shy in front of the camera. Mummy loves your voice, honey. It’s cute! I must record your singing more often so that I still get to listen to such sweet baby voice after you’ve grown up.  😉

And, I will always remember my little vain pot loves this pullover with hood so much. In fact, you got quite a few long sleeves shirts. And sometimes early in the morning, you like to wear sweaters to school too.

Mummy:”Don’t you think it’s going to be hot?”

Liz:”No! I am very cold!” *Frawn*

Alright! I know! They just never seems too hot for you as long as they make you look pretty. Hahahahaha……


I like Hello Kitty and Barbie

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 15, 2010

I don’t like to wear pants in the house. The weather is too hot. I don’t mind wearing panties and best with cotton cami top. But, mum said those triangle underwear is too exposed. So, she kept buying me these.

Previously was 1 Barbie, 2 Dora. But, I don’t like Dora any more. Once I saw this new batch, I was jumping for joy as I loves Hello Kitty. Barbie is lovely too. 😛

This short pants style of cotton lingerie are my favourite house wear now. They are cute, nice, comfortable and still sexy. (Mum said they are durable too) Yeah… I love to be sexy. 😛

I will show you my sexy look one day. But, dad get very frustrated as I showcase the sexy posture that I learned from the Hindi’s MTV. Hahahahaha……


I only want Hello Kitty

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 26, 2010

I enjoyed playing with my new hat today. Nice aye? My New Hello Kitty Sun Shades, I love it! In fact, mum was going to buy me a laces bear hair band and the another sun shades with angle wings. She said that’s lovely! But, that’s what she likes. I only want Hello Kitty sun shades. 😉

Liz:”Mummy, now I got 2 Hello Kitty hats and one Hello Kitty sandals. See… I even have Hello Kitty short pants.Hooray!” I guess I am slowly becoming a Hello Kitty fans.

Mum promised that she will bring me to see the “Jie Jie” and “Koh Koh” singing at the Little Penang Sunday Market again. She will also let me try the stone painting session. Something new! I like it! 😛


It’s different colour and size but same design too

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 13, 2010


Look at these 2 pairs of shoes. Can you guess which is the old one? Once again, mummy bought me new shoes that is the same model with the old one.

I actually have 3 pairs of Nike Sports shoes with the same model. 2 of them are different size but they look exactly the same. Another one has the same size with 1 of the 2 pairs. But, it has different colour. How about that?

Now, mummy bought me a new pair of brown Crocs which is exactly the same as the pink Crocs that I already wore for almost a year. Same model but different colour and one size bigger. Somehow, I still love it as it’s comfortable and nice. 😛

I am glad you love it, baby. Mummy did try to look for other designs. It’s always such as nice, soft and comfortable shoes are very hard to get. But since you seems agree with mummy, I guess may be we can just buy 6 pairs altogether of a particular model from the wholesale next time with the requirement of different size. May be that will save us a lot of money. Hahahahaha……


I want, I don’t want

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 4, 2010

I cut my hair on last Saturday.

Liz:”I want to cut short hair.”

Mummy:”Alright. As you wish.”

Wow! Cutting hair seems to be a big thing to you, aye? So serious. And, so cute! 😛

Mummy:”Alright. Do you want to wash your hair?”

Little Elizabeth nod nod.

Taa… Daa…


Nice aye? You were so happy with your short hair. :)


You really enjoyed going to hair salon. Or shall mummy said, you just know how to pampered yourself, don’t you? Ha!

By the way, this is what happened this morning.

Liz:”Mummy, I want to tie my hair. And, shake, shake, shake.”

Mummy:”You mean you want to tie 2 side pony tail? I thought you don’t like to tie your hair. You hair is kind of short now. No need to tie anymore.”

Liz:”No. I want to tie my hair. I don’t want short short hair already.”

LOL! So fickle minded.  :roll:


I want to wear my new white dress

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 17, 2010


New Maxi from Vietnam. 100% cotton. Very good quality. Clean white match with tiny light purple flowers with some smoking above the chest. Sweet and lovely! Thus, little Elizabeth loves it so much.

Liz:”Mummy, I want to wear the new white dress with purple flowers to music class.”

That’s what she told me 2 days ago before she changed and departed to music class. At first I thought it’s a bit too big. But as she try it today, I think it’s just nice. And, it’s a wonderful dress for wedding invitations and other grand occasions.

Thanks, daddy! It’s truly surprise that daddy is expert in choosing nice dress for his girl too. 😛


It’s a night gown

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 21, 2010

Mummy said “Bai Ti Gong” must wear new pajamas.

Wow! It’s a night gown like mummy! It’s Princess! And, it’s my favorite color — Blue. I love it! Love it! Love it! 😉

Mummy:”LOL! What if you don’t smile? Some action please?

Monster! Gosh! This is worst, baby!

Superman! Nice smile! But you are not a man, baby. Hahahaha………


Let’s keep this one for next CNY

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 18, 2010

Mummy:”Come… Come, Baby. Mummy take picture for you, ok?”

Liz:”Ok.” 😉


Wow! Super model! You simply enjoyed taking pictures when you put on all the new clothes during CNY. Somehow……

Mummy:”Don’t you think it’s too big?”

Liz:”No lah. Not big lah. It’s nice.”

Grandma:”It’s too big, Liz.”

Mummy:”It is big, baby. You can wear another new dress. You still got many new dresses. Let’s go and choose again, ok?”

Liz:”ok.” 😛

Yeah… And, let’s keep this one for next CNY, ok? Ha! It’s always like that as you are a lovely tiny princess. You seems wearing one size smaller then your actual size for your age now. :)


My first Purple Dress

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 5, 2010

My sore toe is healing quite well. Mummy said I can still go to right brain class later. Hooray! But, I don’t want to go back to school on Monday. :(

I want to have more CNY shopping like yesterday. It’s such fun! Do you think tonight “Gu gu” is going to buy new clothes for me again from the night market? I love that Chinese purple dress so much!

Yeah… This is my first purple dress which is a gift from “Gugu” and Irene “Jie jie” since last Saturday morning. See! I think it looks nice when I match it with my party shoes. Ops… where is my lipstick?

Mummy:”Mummy buy a fake one for you to play, ok?”

Liz:”No! I want the real lipstick.” 😯

LOL! So vain! :roll:

By the way, I think this dress is too small for you, baby. Don’t you feel tight? And, it’s very short. But, mummy will always remember this chubby but sexy look. Hahahahahaha……


I get 2 beautiful Dresses

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 7, 2009

You got fever since Saturday noon. Again, the fever gone high on Saturday night. Thus, mummy have to keep on sponging and fed you with the paracetamol. you cried out loud as you hate both taking medicine and sponging so much. Sorry, baby!

Alright! Mummy is so happy that you had fully recovered since this morning. Now, mummy is back in mood to continue blogging about your birthday. :)

This is what you were wearing on your birthday (4th Dec). It’s mummy’s present which I bought some time ago once I spotted it at Poney. Then, keep it for your birthday. I knew you are going love it. As that’s your style of wearing. And, Yes! You love it so much! 😉

And, this is what you get for your birthday from grandma. Seems like not your style. But trust me. You looks great when you put it on. After all, this is a very unique “English” design. Just as modern furniture is nice, but country home might gives us the feeling of home sweet home sometimes.

Anyway, we will keep this unique dress for CNY, ok? Thanks to Grandma. 😛


Bank, SEC, Tesco, Gurney Plaza

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 1, 2009

Yesterday, mummy and you spend the whole day together. Another previous time for 2 of us. Mummy like it! You followed mummy to bank, electrical shop (SEC), Gurney Plaza, and Tesco. You learn how to use or shall I say press the ATM machine, and you did it gently. Then, you tried every dress that mummy asked you to try. Thus, you got 2 more new dresses now. Mummy just can’t resist the sales. Yet, Poney always fits you best. :)

I know you don’t really like it now. Trust me! It’s very nice. So dainty. Sooner or later, you will love it, especially when everyone started to praise it. Hehe!

You keep nodding your head when mummy asked you weather you like this dress or not. I knew it before I asked, as this umbrella type of dress which can be wide open when you dance and turnaround is always your favorite. :)

You also wanted to go to Penguin (Puku) shop at Gurney Plaza. But, you agreed to leave together with mummy when I told you we had no time to go to that shop anymore. Very good girl!

Eventually, you said you want to go to Tesco playground. Alright! Since that’s the last stop before we went home. Mummy brought you to the playground for 30 minutes. Wow! Playground is still the best place for you to kill your time. But, I am thinking may be tomorrow we can visit the public library. 😛

Hopefully, you truly enjoy your holiday and work hard in school by next year. 😉


As long as it is comfortable and nice

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 25, 2009

I am ready to go out now. How is my new sandals? Well, I love it so much. Yeah… And, I need a space for my new sandals please…… :)

Mummy likes this attitude. As even it is not Crocs, you still precious it so much. Like mother like daughter. We wear comfortable shoes like Nike, Crocs or Naot. But you still appreciate any shoes without strong branding like this pair of sandals which mummy bought from the night market, as long as it is comfortable and nice. 😉

Keep it up. It’s a good practice. 😛


My first Crocs

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 25, 2009

Look at this little vain pot. So cute, aye? 😉

This picture was took in last week as mummy bought the first CROCS for her.  Have a closser look?

Finally, something feminine from Crocs. 😛

Really! She looked so lovely when she wore this shoe out last weekend. Daddy and mummy love it so much. But, as mummy thinks back of the moment mummy bought this shoe for her. That’s not so good.

She cried loudly like no one was around in the crowded Qeensbay Mall as mummy asked her to try the shoes in Crocs Retail. Why? She got stucked at the playground.:roll:

So, we tried harder. Then, she cried louder. Eventually, mummy got to walk in and out from the shop and the playground wondering what size to buy. Gosh! That was so embarrassing! :(

Alright! That’s it! Just pay and take it home without trying. Luckily, the size is still ok. And, this lovely pair of shoes make her more like a little lady now. In fact, this little vain pot will put on her lip stick too while she was playing pretend. She also enjoy sharing day and night cream with mummy. LOL!


Stop eating too much

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 21, 2009

For the whole last week, she really can eat, man! She just keep asking for food non stop. Also, she is eating a lot of junks. Mummy wondered how long will this continue to be. Looks like she might need a bigger pants soon.


How about that? Big enough?



Nope! Still to tight! Hahahaha……

I know what you are thinking. This mummy must be silly! Well, She is just trying her kakak pants. Playful baby! In fact, this picture was took before the previous maid leaved. It’s her new jeans.But, baby Elizabeth was busy trying it out. That’s cute! Since you like jeans, here you go!

Liz get a new pair of jeans now. Nice aye? She really look so cute when putting it on. 😉

Thus, please stop eating so much. As if  mummy grows fat, I can still click here and look for help. But not you, baby… Little ones can only control your food to avoid overweight, got it? :)


My New White Sandals

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 15, 2009

Her sandals is getting small. Nope. It’s her feet that growing big. 😉

Headache! It ain’t easy to find something comfortable and nice.:(

But, I found this pair of sandals in the night market last night. Not as soft as the previous one. But, still quite soft. Moreover, it’s white! Mummy and daddy’s favorite color for wearings. And, it’s not common in kids’ sandals. Yet got butterfly and seahorse. Simply cute and nice! The universe must have heard mummy. Hahahahaha………

Most importantly……

Mummy:”Do you like it?”

Elizabeth: “Mm! (means Yes)”

That’s great! Hopefully, it is as comfortable as Naot shoes. And, thank you for paying, dad! 😉


Where is my Soya Bean Milk?

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 3, 2009

She was such a good girl yesterday. As a reward of no more crying for mummy while reached the school, mummy promised to bring her for shopping to get her a new pair of sunglasses. As her old sunglasses was broken. Also, this little vain pot has certainly become a shopping queen now. :)

Taa Daa…

It’s from World of Cartoon, RM 19.90. And, that’s mummy’s favorite color. White! 😉

Well, it seems that she enjoyed shopping for food more than anything else. And, out of so many things, she picked 2 tins of Anlene. Obviously, she remembered. She always loves to exercise together with Michelle Yeoh when the advertisement of Anlene is going on the TV. So, that’s the power of advertisement. Of course, mummy put it back before we pay. Hahahaha……

And, she put back all the thing that we took. And said:” I don’t want this.”

“Alright! Just more junks, right?” :roll:

Help! Anyone got any suggestion for the best fat burner? Hahahaha…..

By the way, she did put 1 box of Soya Bean Milk into the basket before we pay. She said she want that. Well, mummy don’t really see her drinking Soya Bean Milk when she was offered to. So again, mummy put it back on the rack, without her notice of course!

Then, we happily came home. And, mummy feels so bad when she suddenly asked for Soya Bean Milk after she finished her bath at about 7pm in the evening. Amazing! She can remembered what she “bought”. Luckily, she never ask for Anlene. So sorry, dear! Hahahahahaha…………


Dress for my Birthday

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 1, 2008

Last Friday, we were stuck in the super duper traffic jam at the car park of Gama Supermarket. I told you… We were going to shop for little dresses. So, we really did! 😛

Mommy bought 5 dresses in total cause there was great bargain. At least 30% discount. A lot of 50% discounts too. Mommy is going to keep 4 of them for CNY. But, 1 of it will be kept for the 8th. Yeah… New dress for her birthday party! 😉

Mommy loves it so much! This sweet shinny baby blue material plus the dainty design were extraordinary! Hahaha……

And,  mommy had ordered the birthday cake. Daddy was the one who picked the deisgn though. we shall see how pleasing is daddy’s choice to our little princess then. Hahaha……


She really has that Sporty Look

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 27, 2008

I doubt you know your 2nd birthday is only 1 week later. Somehow, mummy still remember you had a great time in last year’s party. So, don’t worry. You are going to have fun again in no time.

Mummy has yet to buy any book on cupcakes. Even the order of your birthday cake is not done yet. Nothing to worry. Everything will be on time and it has to be something you like. So, mummy decided to bring you along to choose the birthday cake on your own. How about that?  😛

Almost everything is her own choice now. She just know what to choose for herself. She chooses what she wants to eat, when she wants to sleep, which movie she wants to watch, who to accompany her, which book she wants to read and which toys she wants to play. And, I think I can trust her taste of preference even in terms of chioce of fashion.

LOL! Are you drawing or posting? Cool! Hahaha……


So… Do you like my style?

Look at my cheeky girl! She got her own sunglass and cap. She will wear them whenever she is going out. And never simply take them down anymore, not until she reached home again. Well! At least, the outcome is just as stylish as she thinks. So cute!  😆

Frankly, she is a sporty girl. And, she really has that sporty look. I am sure she will certainly looks fantastic in Berghaus Clothing when she grow up later. 😛

Daddy must be happy as that’s what daddy always wish for. LOL! But, mummy does not worry about Elizabeth either. She will not grow up to be unfeminine. As she also like scarfs and dresses so much. *Sigh*


My New Shoes

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 2, 2008

Previously, Elizabeth always has one pair of walking shoes and one pair of sandals. That’s it! As babies will soon wear off their shoes. Probably within 3 to 4 months. So, not too many shoes. But, it has to be good one. :)

Somehow, It’ ain’t easy to find a pair of walking shoes that can match all dresses and pants. Mummy was lucky to get one of this shoes from Nike during last season. But, not this time. Also because as a growing up toddler, she needs other dainty shoes to match her princess style dresses. hehe……

So, I got her a pair of Nike sport shoes again. Same design as the old one, just different color. Then, World of Cartoon is on sale. There are nice shoes for little girls. Some lovely and very cute party shoes from Tenderly. Just like the doll’s shoes.

Fantastic, isn’t it? Mummy knows these party shoes has no lasting quality. But, still soft. And, lovely! 😉

By the way, each of them is in different size. The black Tenderly is size 6 (still very big), the white Tenderly is size 5 and the size for the baby blue Nike is 8C. But, she is wearing 6C now. So, it’s 2 size bigger? Yeah… the size 8C and size 6 are 2 size bigger than her actual size. Hahaha…… It’s just nice. Mummy can just keep it for CNY if they can’t fit her now. LOL!


My own Bag and Purse

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 22, 2008

Mummy still remember the time when I first carry a school bag to school. That was about 20 years ago when I entered primary school. That’s also the time I started to bring along my purse which always has some money in it, for the meal during recess time and junks. 😉

A small red Winnie the Pooh bag. The size which is just nice for a 2 years old girl. That’s the first birthday present from uncle Bill. Nice aye? We have keep it for almost a year. It’s time to use it. Elizabeth is so happy to carry it around. I guess it’s because she saw it in the kids show. May be also because she saw each of her classmates in music circle has a bag of themselves. 😛

I also want a purse! Daddy got wallet. Uncle Bill has it too. So do granny and mummy. Now, Elizabeth must has one too. As you wish, my dear!

A pink Mickey and Minnie kid’s purse. We bought it in the market this morning. Just for fun as it’s only RM 5. Now you have yours! Hopefully, this little naughty will stop digging all the purses and wallets that belong to all the family members. LOL!

“How about a camera, mummy?”

Oh! Mummy almost forget that you start taking pictures, my drama queen. Alright. What camera do you like? Canon camera? No problem. Mummy will get one for you 5 years later. For the moment, it should be toy camera. It’s a good deal, isn’t it? Hahahaha……


Too big

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 10, 2008

Mummy promised to showcase these 3 new beautiful dresses here as I showed the other 2 not long ago. I remembered they were bought together at the last day of August. Until now, they are still brand new. And, mummy got a wedding invitation recently. It is on 2nd of November.

I am thinking may be little Elizabeth can put on 1 or 2 of these 5 to join the party. Somehow, they are still big. I know I shouldn’t get size 3. Sorry, baby! I thought they are for Chinese New Year.

Don’t worry! Mummy can get you a new one before the wedding. I promised. For you, my darling! Anything will do. Even if it’s Oscar de la Renta. Hahaha……


I am Hard Rock Sweet Heart

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 4, 2008

Mummy is supposed to blog about Elizabeth’s 3 other new dresses. But, I should blog about one precious gift before I forget. Daddy bought it for little Liz while he was in Beijing.

Yeah… Hard Rock! But, it’s a little big for my lovely little sweet heart. Nothing to worry though. She is growing fast. By the way, this is her second piece of Hard Rock T shirts. The first one was from Egypt.

But, this baby blue baby T is absolutely prettier than the one from Egypt. Lovely! I also like the wording, “100% Hard Rock Sweet Heart”. Fantastic in describing my girl. Good taste, daddy! 😉


My New Princess Collections

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 3, 2008

Last weekend (31th of August), daddy went for his company roadshow at Prangin Mall. Mummy, “kakak” and Liz went shopping. Instead of walking from Prangin Mall to Gama Supermarket, we took trishaw. Somehow, Liz does not show any sign of excitement. :(

Luckily she was jumping for joy when we reached Gama Supermarket. Mummy little shopping queen really loves shopping. And, beautiful dresses is just as hot as jobs in Atlanta for Liz.

She will twist and turn while holding both ends of the dress whenever she put on pretty dress. She will never miss the word: “Wow!” too. LOL! So, this vain little girl got 5 new dresses after we finished shopping. 😛


Mummy especially favor these 2 dresses from “Bino Natural”. Once she put them on, they really make her look so exclusive, just like a little princess. Unique color! Quality material! Fantastic cutting! And, awesome design! Moreover, half price. 😉


Simple and Nice

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 20, 2008



“Mother Care” is on Sale. These 3 shirts are all from “Mother Care”. Simple and Nice! Total costs RM 79.90. They are the pack of 3. Thus, all same design but different colors. Like them? Mummy likes the red one. Elizabeth always look brighter in red. 😛

“Mother Care” attires always come in pack. Usually, there are 2 or 3 pieces per pack. In a pack, the shirts or pants will look alike in design. Only the color is different. Of course, there is also single piece. Somehow, single piece is always more expensive.

Frankly, I used to think “Mother Care” is quite expensive. In fact, it might not. As it is very lasting. And, the cutting is fantastic too! I especially like to buy it’s shirts and pants which in packs. The price is reasonable and the quality certainly proved that it worth more than its price. 😛

Anyway, the dresses in “Mother Care” are still quite expensive to me. Thus, Elizabeth still don’t have any dress from “Mother Care” until now. LOL! *Stingy Mummy* 😛


So nice

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 19, 2008

Last Thursday, mummy and granny were in Gurney Plaza for the whole afternoon. Finally, mummy walked into “Mother Care” again. Mummy was so satisfied after I walked out with some new clothes for Elizabeth.

There are selected items on sale. But, only one on sale among all those that mummy bought. Mummy got attracted by all the the new arrival. LOL! Anyway, this time mummy bought all shirts and pants. No more dresses.

Elizabeth need shirt’s and pants.

Anyway, she wore these 2 pieces on Saturday night when we were going to the airport to pick up daddy. She loves it as it got flowers on the shirt. She loves flowers. Anyway, she looks so gorgeous in it. Mummy loves it so much!

I will make sure I shoot 1 picture of her wearing them next time. So clean and nice! Surprisingly, Elizabeth looks better on pants and shirt. 😛