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I love my Silly Man

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 10, 2011

I am always silly. Cause I like to be funny and silly like my silly dad. Yeah… I always call him silly man. Hahahaha………

But, I love him. He is always my favourite. I like him to brush teeth or watch all the new movie trailers in youtube together with me at night. I enjoyed all his silly performances specially dedicated to me.   :)

But, I got a problem.

When I was on my bed with mum few days back ……

Liz:”Mummy, I want daddy to sleep with me.”

Mum:”Go and call daddy come in then.”

Liz:”But he would never listen to me cause he is busy with his fish.”

Mum:”Give him some time then.”

Liz:”He won’t listen to me one. Always…… I ask him to stop smoking. Also he wouldn’t listen.”

Mum:”Yeah… Poor girl.”  Hahahahahahaha……….

My little princess is quite good at nagging, aye?  Hahahahahahaha………

Those really are the only 2 things that he won’t listen to you. He need to have his own time, honey. So is hard for him to sleep at the same hour with you. :)


We are wanted!

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 28, 2010


See…… Last time, even people took all the trouble to stick the drawing of those wanted everywhere in town, yet it’s never been easy to get them. Nowadays even a little kid like my girl learn that if we wish to be found, we just need to make directory submission or join facebook. On the other hand, we can find almost anything through the search engines. Hehe……

By the way, these pictures were took right in front of Cinemax on the 19th which was the Friday night that her holiday first started. Lovely aye? Most probably mummy will bring little Elizabeth to watch “Repunzel” in this coming Friday. As part of her birthday present. 😛

Both daddy and Elizabeth are always “wanted” by mummy. They seems to be everything to me. I love to see them having fun together like this.Somehow, I really wish sometimes daddy could offer to hold the camera and take some pictures for mummy and Elizabeth. As I want more pictures together with my young lady. But, you guys had forgot that I am not in there. :roll:


Mummy, mummy……

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 20, 2008

Mummy is so sick today. Terrible flu with aches and pains all over the body. It seems my body temperature is rising too. Can you help, Elizabeth?

Although my little girl has grown up a lot, but still she cannot understand that mummy actually needs some rest when I am sick. She just keep asking for mummy. She wants mummy to play with her. Read for her like usual. So sorry, baby.

Will you give up, baby? I guess she will never give up if “kakak” never came to entertain her. Looks like you have fantastic quality for sales or marketing jobs, baby. Like father like daughter. Tough and never give up! Hahahaha….

You are even tougher than mummy. You doesn’t seems as weak as mummy when you are sick. Strong Elizabeth but shameful mummy! Anyway, thanks to “kakak”.


See you later, Daddy

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 20, 2008

Baby, where is daddy? This girl seems did not look for daddy for the past few days. I wondered what’s her reaction once she sees her daddy in the airport later tonight. Anyway, daddy is coming home, baby. Mummy is so happy! 😛

Elizabeth seems want to follow daddy when I told her daddy is going to take airplane to Beijing the other day in the airport. She likes airplanes. Obviously, she really wants to be on board too. I guess it’s time to take her abroad. Our first destination should be Bangkok as Elizabeth can meet Justin and Isabelle there.

Next, we can plan for other interesting trips such as Disneyland in Paris, Gold Cost in Australia or Brazil vacation packages. From one country to another, travel as many countries as we could together. That’s mummy’s dream. It’s also daddy’s life inspiration. I am sure it’s something in Elizabeth wish lists too. 😛

By the way, see you on 11pm, daddy! 😉


I need daddy and mummy

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 18, 2008

Daddy had flew to Johor yesterday. Tonight, Daddy is home again. Elizabeth, are you happy?

When we reached home just now, Elizabeth and daddy were playing, chasing each other and laughing happily again. No doubt that little Elizabeth loves to play with daddy. Somehow, she seldom looked for daddy when daddy is away. May be she is so used to it as daddy usually is out to work.

I guess daddy and mummy really have different role to play. Elizabeth will surely look for mummy when she needs anything. But, she seldom fool around with mummy. Daddy is her fantastic playmates. Only daddy can make her laugh loudly. But, daddy just can’t stop her from crying. That’s mummy’s job. 😛


We play together

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 12, 2008

Wonder what have we done in this past Mother’s Day? As my FIL had to come to Penang to attend a Malay friend’s wedding, we decided to spend time together on this special day.

So, both my parents in law came to our place together with my 2 little niece and nephew. As usual, we ladies (my MIL, my mum and me) were talking. The children were playing on their own. It’s good to see them playing together as they seldom meet. 😛

And, looks like little Elizabeth has learned to fight for own rights now! LOL!

Don’t aim my baby, please… It’s mine! 😯

This is mine! But, I want to play, please… Oh! Poor Justin “Koko”. :(

Oh, I better quickly grab it and run away! So lucky! Elizabeth never come after me. 😛

As hubby finally came back from appointment, then we went out for dinner. So, there are 3 mothers together celebrating this simple mother’s day with the 3 little toddlers and 2 daddies. 😛


Just can’t wait

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 7, 2008

Since the 4th, Elizabeth has turned 17 months old. Soon, my girl will even turned to 2 years old. Then, there will be another birthday party for her. That’s what in mummy’s mind. I am nervous. I supposed to make her a beautiful birthday cake on my own. But, I still don’t know where to get the right “sifu” to begin my baking lesson. :(

Somehow, there is more ideas in mummy’s mind now. Other than balloons, mummy will like to include roses, calla lilies, rose petals, gerbera daisies, hydrangeas, peonies and many other gorgeous wedding flowers in my little princess birthday party later.

Elizabeth really loves flowers. She will certainly jumping for joy, once she sees beautiful flowers all around the house during the party. Anyway, mummy loves flowers too. And, mother’s day is around the corner. It would be wonderful if baby Elizabeth knows how to present flowers to mummy. Even a single rose is good enough.

“Baby, mummy is still waiting for you to call “mummy” too! 😛


Full of Toys

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 13, 2008

Last week, daddy just bought an expensive rocking chair for Elizabeth. But, she needs a bicycle to have some outdoor fun too. These days, she keep pointing to the bicycle whenever she saw it.

Thus, mummy bought a new bicycle for her this week.

There is an extra steel given to fix under it to make it into a stay put rocking bicycle. Innovative and lovely! 😛

With “Push Handle”, “Feet Rest”, basket at the back and a few choices of music by simply pressing a button infront!

Elizabeth loves bees. It’s all because of the cartoon “Bee Movie”. So, mummy get a bee bicycle for her. Mummy finally found the product from Taiwan at “Teik Seng”. The quality is so much better than those form China. It’s solid and has fine workmanship.   And, the price different is only RM5.

Anyway, our house seems full of toys now. But, our initial plan is to add in nice furnitures not toys. May be mummy and daddy has spend too much on toys. If mummy really want to follow the initial plan, then mummy got to look for discount furniture now. :)


She is vain

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 5, 2008

Elizabeth is so vain since baby. She loves to look into the mirror. While she look into the mirror, normally she will kiss herself — kiss her own image which appeared in the mirror. So cute! And, very lovely! :)

Nowadays, she even wants to apply cream on her face like mummy. So, sometimes she will touch her face assumed she is applying cream while she look into the mirror. She likes to comb her hair and try to put on mummy’s hair clip too.

This is how I wash my hair! 😛

She even loves to apply soap and rub her body on her own now. And, she enjoys bathing under the shower or in the bath tub. In this case, I guess soon she will appreciate bathroom vanity like mummy.

In fact, bathroom is always mummy’s favorite corner of the house. And, mummy like classical English designs so much. Best still if there is stained glass door or windows for the bathroom.

With such fantastic bathroom vanity, mummy believed both Elizabeth and I will enjoy ourselves in the bathroom for hours! 😛


Clingy and Naughty

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 4, 2008

Elizabeth is getting utmost clingy and naughty since this week onwards. She will bite or scratch anyone of us when she is moody. And, it hurts. Everyone in the family is complaining, accept daddy. She likes to bully mummy, but seldom attack her dad. :roll:

Besides, Elizabeth will watch mummy closely in the house. I think this is to make sure mummy did not went out without her. And, she always want mummy to carry her. Something like all day long.

However, mummy is so busy. Mummy have to keep writing, work online, go marketing, go massage, go shopping, go hair wash, and so on. Things get worst when the Internet connection is so weak. And, it’s always weak.

There are so many phone calls too. Mummy has to pick up the calls. They might be important business phone calls as our house is our office too. But, who is going to bath and feed Elizabeth? *Slap forehead*

Oh! Mummy really wish I have the VoIP Phone Systems ,which has very complete features for business use and it’s highly user friendly too. May be that’s the solution to save more time for baby Elizabeth. 😛


We both like chandelier

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 27, 2008

Mummy really thought of placing a beautiful chandelier in the middle of our house. As these few days mummy just can’t stop recalling back how Elizabeth responded when she first saw an eye catching chandelier at the lobby of The Impiana Hotel, KL.

She said: “Wow”. What she saw was a very big lighting. But, that’s not something truly stunning as there were not much crystals on this big chandelier. Mummy likes chandeliers so much as they are grand and glittering, especially those will lots of crystals.

This is a fantastic Crystal Chandelier. Each of the 9 lights will shine with the most impact through their transparent appeal frosted cut glass shades adorned with 100% STRASS® Swarovski® crystals. I am sure if Elizabeth see it, she will stretch her eyes big and say, “Wow…Wow…Wow…”. 😆

It’s unique. It’s dainty. It’s shimmering! It’s not just a chandelier, but a piece of beautiful art! Oh! Mummy really likes it so much. May be it’s time for mummy to buy one to place it at home. As even little Lizzy knows how to appreciate it now. :)

“So what do you think about it, baby?” 😛


Tiger, monkey, dog and horse

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 20, 2008

Elizabeth like animals. And, she has learned to search for tigers everywhere on the road. That’s strange, isn’t it? Thanks to the banner of Tiger Beers. There are everywhere along the road, especially for places like Penang which is full of hawker centers.

Tiger Beer actually places its banner at almost every hawker stalls that are selling its beer. And, Elizabeth has finally realized it on one fine day. 😆

Elizabeth likes giraffes, dogs and monkeys too. That’s why mummy suggested to bring her to the Zoo Negara in KL. But, she will certainly look for horses while she is at the beach. She even wants to go near the horse as she saw people riding it.

In fact, mummy is willing to let her learn horse riding when she is big enough. May be 8 to 9 more years later? Or may be mummy can start the course first as there is a “school” for horse riding lesson near by our house now. Mummy like horse riding as ladies look so cool when they are riding on a horse. Female rider looks unique, smart and stylish while they put on the equestrian clothing. 😉


Blog Break

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 5, 2008

Mummy need a blog break because she is sick. Nope. For the last few days she did not update my blog. That’s because she was sick and tired. In fact, she has left out my development milestones too. I have so many tricks to show and had shown great “understanding” development!  However, she is going to update this blog frequently once she is back from Hong Kong. Yeah… now she is announcing the blog break simply because she is leaving for holidays. Not because she is sick. :roll:

And, poor Elizabeth is sure to miss mummy for this coming 7 days. I guess she will still enjoy the time spend with her grandma too.  Take care, darling! Mummy is going to miss you too. 😛

And, mummy promise to bring you together for holidays in a few years time, when you can eat and go to toilet on your own. 😉


I love McD

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 11, 2007

Last night, I slept at 7pm, then, I wake up on 10 pm. Mummy and daddy straight away help me to change and they bring me to a new place which I had so much fun there! Guess what is this place? It’s McD!

Yeah… Elizabeth really has so much fun in McD. This time she enjoy playing in the playground as I tried to lead her to walk up the stairs step by step. Certainly not like what had happened in KFC. And, this time, there is one friendly “jie jie” who always came near, touch her and smile to her. She is very happy with that, of course! She is just a friendly baby all the time.

Also, she loves all of the McD’s food so much! Really! This is the first time, I seen her keep asking for more even though she already took a lot. Normally, she will stop asking before we actually finish our food. But, this time she just keep asking until I showed her they are all empty! That’s scary!

Worst still, this is the first time she cried once she realized we are going back as we get into the car. She keep pointing to McD. And, keep looking back even though we already quite far away. Jesus! She never act like this before. LOL! I am a bit worried actually. I don’t want her to be the future everyday supporter of McD. As we all know, too much fast food is not good for babies, kids or even adults. :(

So, no more McD for Elizabeth. May be once in a month. That’s it. However, I really kow tow to McD this time. It’s hard to believe that even a 10 months old baby can crazy over McD! huh? Amazing! This is what I call “zillion dollar” company! :)

Oo… it’s sad that I have no hand to take pictures for her at that time. Or else, I can show her happy, smiley face here now! :)

Anway, “kakak” called home last night, asking how is everybody. I think she really miss us all especially baby Elizabeth. She said she don’t feel comfortable in her Kampung, if not that she already bought the return ticket, she would’ve come back earlier! So happy to hear that! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jumping for joy! 😛


Still working on the Theme

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 27, 2007

Frankly, I get really excited when this new blog is ready. Once I get it, I start to look for suitable theme. And, may be I will make a personalize theme for lil Elizabeth this time. I need some time to ask for help! hehe…. (Yeah… I just don’t know how to do it on my own. Luckily, this nice friend has promised to help. How nice… I really appreciate it!)

As a mum, I always have a thought that anything for Elizabeth is best to be something better than ordinary. So, hopefully I can get a unique design for the theme of this blog. Something specially dedicated to Elizabeth. Only for Elizabeth. ha! Sounds terribly snobbish, don’t I? How about just this time, ok? hehe……

However, I just can’t wait any longer. I will have to start blogging now. I will change the theme later….. cause there is a big news need to be announce , right now! Just hope to the next blog and check it out what is so big, ok? :)


I am so worried

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 13, 2007

My maid is going home is a few weeks time. I am so worried! Really! Nowadays, My sticky lil naughty can almost crawl through the whole house within 30 minutes. And, she will prefer to walk around if I can hold her. And, Just kindly count and see there are how many 30 minutes in a day? Is not that I am not willing to do that, that’s just too tiring. I got to bend down my upper body and squad a little for getting the correct level to hold her. Trust me, that ain’t easy at all! Yet, she will get really demanding when she is with me. She will keep instructing her mummy to go here and there to get what she wants. And, she just never end in changing her wants. She will get bored with the thing on her hand within 10 minutes (30 minutes if she is with my maid, she just know how to bully her mummy, isn’t she?). And again, how many 10 minutes in a day actually?

Normally, I will bathe her, feed her, and play with her or read for her a few times in a day, each time is about 30 minutes. Also, I will walk her in the garden sometimes. Lastly, I will roll with her on the bed before she sleep. That already took up at least half of my day. However, I still got some free time to blog. And, spend an hour to watch TV or read. This is the sweet parenting moment I have with a maid around.

Imagine my maid is not going to be around for 10 days. Yeah! 10 days. Go home to Indonesia for her Raya. Yet, my mum is quite busy nowadays. I am almost only on my own taking care of Elizabeth for that 10 days. Yet, who is going to sweep and mop the floor everyday? OMG, there are so many other home chores… who is going to do that?

And, God please bless me. Just make sure she will come back to continue her third year as she promised. Or else… OMG! I just can’t imagine how am I going to survive without a maid! I know most of you is going to laugh at me. Laugh as long as you wish! Just remember to pray together with me for her to come back and work. Or else… I will have to disappear from the blog sphere forever. Don’t you going to miss me? For sure, I am going to miss you guys so much! Even for 10 days. I hope I still manage to blog within that 10 days even though she is not around.

With an active 9 months old around, life without a maid is nearly no life at all. You’ll never have time for your own anymore. That’s scary….

“Ah, Fia. Ingat tau, kena balik, ya… Tolong ingat, ya! Kalau tak dak pa di Indo, bolehlah balik awal sikit juga. Faham?”