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4 Years 3 Months Old

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 4, 2011

It’s your 4 years and 3 months old today. Mummy realized you got lots of changes in terms of your speech. It’s getting more challenging but interesting while talking to you. 😉

I remembered last Sunday we enjoyed ourselves eating ice cream at Haagen Dazs. Then, we went to Popular and wanted to get back to Haagen Dazs to buy a pint of ice cream again while we were on our way home.

Daddy:”Want to have more Haagen Dazs ice cream?”

Liz:”But we just ate this afternoon!”

Mummy:”We can still buy some and eat at home if we like.”

Liz:”Oh… So greedy!” Hahahahaha…… She is never a greedy eater. :)


The other day when mum mentioned about my extension of stay in Japan for 8 days instead of 6 days.

Liz:”Why 9 days? It’s too long.”

Mum:”So that I have more time to shop for your presents.”

Liz:”But, when it’s 6 days, you already said I can get lots of presents, right?”

Mum:”Just 2 more days, baby. Please…”

Liz:”If you go 8 days you can become Japan people already.”

Mum:”No! I don’t want to be a Japanese. I miss you. I promise I will come back.”

Liz:”Alright!” :(


Besides, there are lots of “Mum… You forgot to do this.” “Mum, you forgot to do that.” too. :)

Anyway, her reasoning is quite strong now. She can understand perfectly all the reasoning for things she had to do. Very matured. Thus, she is quite obedient. Of course, she tends to accept only truth and facts now. No more lies or cheats. 😛

She still loves books, computer games, watch TV and need lots of outing or sports. But, has no problem at all with writing exercise or some extra paper works at home.


I am 46 months old

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 4, 2010

It’s my 46th month today. I wondered mum already start planning my birthday party. Anyway, I told mum I want a birthday party in school. And, I want a Minnie or Daisy birthday cake. 😉

Anyway, guess what’s the thing I can do best now? It’s this.

Surprise? Yes! I can read quite well now. I can read many common simple words. I love to read story books and I can read them quite fluently. That makes me feel so proud. Thus, I started to do well in school. Ha!

Anyway, I read books in the afternoon and the time before I go to bed. I can read about 4 to 5 books in one shot now. Mum and dad was so happy to see me love books so much. Granny was surprised that I can even read words like “immediately” and “forbidden”. Hehe……

And, I always wanted to walk in whenever I saw a bookshop now. Thus, mum and dad just keep on buying books for me. Hooray! 😛

Really great job, honey! Mummy is glad that you finally build a strong base in English. Keep it up! But, I think it’s time to brush up your mandarin a bit too. Hehe……


3 Years 9 months Old

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 5, 2010

I am already 3 years 9 months old. At the moment, my weight is 14 kg and my height is 98 cm. Still loves cooking, dancing, reading and talking non stop. At night, I just can’t sleep without bedtime stories like I always do. I mixed with more friends in my class now. And, I actually miss my school friends so much when I had my 10 days holiday because of coxsackie.

Still can’t get to bed earlier. And I always need to finish a bottle of milk before I can open my eyes, get up and brush my teeth every morning. I always wanted to drink milk and eating less proper meal every since I change my milk to Dugro 2 months ago. Mummy seems worried about it. LOL!

By the way, these 2 are my favourite food.

Chicken rice is simply too yummy! I guess I am taking it at least twice a week. I like to order apple juice too. But no more without ice. Hehe……

At home, I also like to take “tau kee” soup, watercress chicken soup, fried prawn and egg with rice. That’s it? No chicken or pork? No thanks. Hahahahaha……

My favourite pass time is drawing. I like numbers too. But, I hate writing Chinese words. Emotionally, I am very sensitive now. I show my poker face, hide in a corner or cried out loud at least 2 to 3 times a day. Thus, grandma said:” You are ridiculous!”  :(


It’s just a design

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 21, 2010

You still play blocks. But,not much on building castles anymore. You just did something like this.

Mummy:”What is this, baby?”

Liz:”It’s just a design, mummy.”

Mummy:”oh, Yeah! Mummy should have seen it. They are patterns. Nice pattern!”

Mummy realized you are so good at making those symmetrical patterns. I really don’t know weather it’s a sign or a talent that will makes you a future designer. Somehow, they are quite impressive to mummy. Keep it up, baby!  :)


41th month

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 5, 2010

Little Elizabeth is getting really matured now. You might be a born sales expert, my dear. As you talk non stop. And, you make fantastic excuses and give good reasons. Your speech is always full of description too. Most importantly, you speak clearly now. Even though your sentence formation is not firm yet.

Your interest in reading is still firm. But, it’s the other way round for writing. May be you need more time to handle the pencil. Take your time then. We still have bed time stories. But now, you can also read on your own. And suddenly, you start to recognize a lot of words. That’s amazing!

However, when you have the story book on your hand, you tends to elaborate the story with your own words according to your understanding of the story. As there are still many words that you don’t know. That’s very cute!

Anyway, elaborating story by your own is definitely an amazing move. As if a large amount of universal life insurance quotes offer a no-lapse guarantee; Lots of reading, story telling and elaboration since young will at least secure you from getting lost while writing an essay in the future. :)

And, you are trying very hard to wear or take off your own clothes now. Mummy can see it. You are almost there, baby. Mummy is so proud of you. 😉

But, Mummy really don’t expect you to start quarreling with mummy at this age. LOL!


My little blue chair can help

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 22, 2010

There was only a brown wooden stool for me to sit in front of daddy’s laptop. Always! So how am I going to reach closer to the laptop which is quite far away from me?

At first, I always climb up the brown stool that I am sitting on. But, that’s a dangerous move. The stool is not firm. I always feel shaky. Don’t worry! I got an idea!


Look! I can just place my little blue plastic chair right in front of the brown stool. That’s it! Now, whenever I want to reach closer to the laptop, I can straight away stand up from where I am sitting instead of taking so much trouble to climb up the brown stool that might easily cause me to fall from it. Problem solve! Hahahahaha……

Good idea! Mummy realized that you got all sort of ideas to create convenience for yourself now. In the educational point of view, I think you learned to solve problems now. Obviously, my girl has grown up a little bit more mentally. :)


I solve it all by myself

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 14, 2010


Look at my girl. You finally manage to complete this 40 small pieces of Barney puzzles all by yourself. Something unexpected. You really are full of surprises. Mummy definitely going to buy more of this type of Barney puzzle for you. May be something more complicated instead? Ha!

Keep it up, baby. This is definitely something to remember for 40 month old. And, mummy just want to say:” I am so proud of you, baby.” 😛


I want to bring “cow” milk to school

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 10, 2010

Liz:”Mummy, I want to buy this, I want to be like Jen Jen. Jen Jen drink this milk in school.”

Mummy:”Jen Jen is another friend in school?”

Liz:”Ya. I want this milk like Jen Jen one.”

Mummy:”Ok. Ok. We buy this milk.”

That was Monday night when daddy brought us to 7 Eleven. Then, mummy took out the straw and Elizabeth poke it in the straw hole. Suddenly…

Liz:”Oh, No! I want to bring it to school. I don’t want to drink it now.”

Mummy:”Huh? Jen Jen bring it to school everyday or just sometimes?”

Liz:”Everyday. I don’t want the powder milk anymore. I want to bring this “cow” milk to school like Jen Jen.”

Mummy:”Ok. I get it. Mummy will buy some new ones for you tomorrow. Finish this first since you already open it, ok?”


So she got this the next day. And, she was so happy to bring one box to school this morning. 😛

But, when she came home…

Liz:”Mummy, today Jen Jen bring “daddy, mummy, family” milk to school, not “cow” milk anymore.”

Mummy:”So, you want the “daddy, mummy” milk now?


Mummy:”Ok. Ok. Mummy will buy for you after you finish this cow milk, ok?” I think you mean Dutch Lady’s UHT milk packing this time. :)

Recently, you also insisted that you want to wear cap like daddy even if you are wearing a dress. And, your will follow our shoes choice too. You just won’t wear sneakers if mummy and daddy are both wearing sandals. Luckily daddy only wear tuxedo shoes while going to work. Not in any leisure time when he go out with us. LOL!


Can I help you?

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 9, 2010

Not bad! Time flies and you were helping grandma to paint the protective layer for the floor yesterday.  You did it well. Good job!

You are curious about everything we are doing. And, activity like this that is totally unfamiliar will mostly attracts your attention. And, you will never say something like:” I want to play, mummy. ”

Instead, you will offer to help and say:”Grandma, can I help you? I want to help you.” This must be part of your talent. Mummy realized that you are a great communicator. You are so good at twisting your words to your advantage even at the age of 3.

Frankly, mummy is kind of proud and enjoy it so much. Very cute. Just don’t tell lie, ok? Stop doing that. As that’s quite worrying. :(


3 Year old, 4th month

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 7, 2010

You started to love drawing. You always draw faces.

That’s your face with hair, ears, mole, eyes, nose and mouth. Er… Cute aye? And, you yourself told mummy that this is an alien. Anyway, this one is good. Sometimes, your faces are more like soul to mummy. LOL! Hahahaha……

And, you just don’t mind picking up pencils, color pencils, crayons or magic pen. You will start coloring once you hold any of these in your hands. You were coloring almost everyday. And, you have absolutely no problem to complete coloring one or  two big pictures in one shot now. You even enjoy tracing and writing. 😉

Of course, you still cooking more than anything else in your daily routines.  😛


How much?

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 23, 2009


Well, these are the crafts you made during the 4 daysPingu English holiday program. Where is one of the penguin’s leg? Will the house collapse? As the wall doesn’t seems attached to the roof. Hahahaha……

But, good try! They are all very nice work. Anyway, today is the last day of the program. Mummy is so glad that you are willing to stay with only teachers and friends during these extra classes. You even wave goodbye with mummy once you enter the class. Amazing! I guess you really had grown up a lot. :)

Besides, mummy is kind of proud that you can bravely communicate with the new teachers and friends. Very independent now. In fact, your new teacher said you actually talk like an adult. Wow! Would that be a bit too matured? :)

Nowadays, you even know how to use the word expensive. Besides, you are being exposed to the ATM machines too. And, you always like to ask how much whenever mummy wants to buy something. That sounds good, isn’t it? It’s time for mummy to take the initiative to teach you more on simple money management skills.

At least, you can start learning to recognized different amount of paper money and coins. Learn how to save and also to compare which is more expensive, is it RM 5 or RM 20? Sooner or later, you can even learn from daddy on how to calculate the life insurance rate. Hahahahaha…………


Tomorrow is my Birthday

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 3, 2009

So, what’s new in 3 years old?  You are getting very smart. You form better sentences. You talked like an adult with perfect logic. Also, you will always hear this from daddy and mummy:”Er… Can you stop talking for few minutes?” Hahahaha……

Yeah… That’s the greatest changes as you enter year 3. You are so talkative. In fact, too talkative now. And, you do almost everything on your own. Again, I think you are too independent. Typical perfectionist. But, I really can’t stand to see you sweaping your hands immediately after someone you don’t like touches you. That’s… ru..de, isn’t it? :(

Anyway, you still can’t live without music and songs. You can now sing a french songs from the Movie “Ratatouille” and some Hindi songs that mummy taught you. And, you dance with all styles including ballet, hip hop, disco, Hindi dance and some moves seems like exercise more than dancing. Hahahaha……

Also, you can recognize all the ways to school and your extra classes. Luckily you are not like mummy who has no sense of dicrection at all. Thus, I am hoping you can become my GPS in the future. Keep it up! I am sure you can be as good as the Garmin GPS. Hahahaha……

And look! You are so good at playing ball now. Thus, we play ball with you everyday without missed. You can hit back with your hands or kick back with your legs. Of course, you legs are still stronger. Thus, you made wonderful kicks. 😉


I have entered my 36th month now…

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 6, 2009

Well, mummy almost forgot to record your monthly progress again. You has entered your 36th month 2 days ago. So, you are supposed to celebrate your 3rd birthday in the beginning of December. But, since mummy and daddy had decided to let you have the celebration in school, it has to be right before school holiday starts which is the 18th of this month. :)

So, what should mummy say about you? You don’t like coloring, be it color pencils or crayons. But, you quite enjoy painting with water colors. And, you seems can recognize a few words in your story books now. Bravia!

Somehow, you hate waking up so early in the morning. Thus, you still cry very often as we reached your school in the morning. Luckily, you never cry for long. I guess you just never like any places without mummy or daddy. Thus, all this while you are still kind of like being forced to attend school. LOL!

And, you will sing the chorus of some Hindi songs now. Yeah… you love Hindi songs, and especially like to dance with it. In fact, you have learned how to shake your bottom now. Thanks to the Hindi songs MTV.

Finally, you seems quite cooperative in terms of the time spent on TV. Only when mummy say yes! So good! Mummy get to spent more time on the plasma tvs now instead. 😉 Hahahaha……


Anyone want to cut your hair?

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 23, 2009

She did this last week. After finished reading so many books and playing with all the other toys, little Elizabeth just don’t feel like going to bed yet. So she got this idea of pretending to be a barber once she finished fixing the puzzle sets on occupations.

I think you did it so well, baby! You can really be a hair stylist if you want to. See… your customer is smiling. Very happy with the cut. Thanks to Kak Sue. 😉

By the way, this is a fake scissors from her toy doctor set. Next time we use a real scissors, ok? So, who’s next? Hahahaha……

Well, you can still be a doctor or nutritionist pretending giving Kak Sue a thorough health check or introducing the best diet pill to her. In fact, you are encourage to try many other jobs besides being a hair stylist. Playing pretend is always a good way to learn. 😛


I am Auntie now

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 14, 2009

Little Elizabeth is back to school again. And, surprise! Surprise! She was quite happy with it. 😛

This little sweetie actually sleep early the night before. Then, wake up willingly in the morning. Happily changed. Have a bottle of milk. Choose to tie her hair. Then, straight away wear shoes and hop into the car. And, was singing in the car. Then, get down the car and even said bye bye to mummy. Just a little bit reluctant while brushing her teeth.

12.30pm — As we reached home, she just walk to the dinning area with mummy. Had her lunch, then go to bathe. No hard push at all! Wow! I guess my girl has grown up. So touched! :)

The story continues…..

As she wake up from her afternoon nap, she wants to play swing. Why not? You are such a lovely girl today. Anything will do.  😉

Liz:”Mah Mah(Granny in Hokkien), I want to swing fast fast, ok?” That’s normal!

After swinging so high…

Liz:”Mah Mah, I am Jie Jie now.”

Mummy:”Er… Alright!” *Puzzled*

After playing with the swing, yet she wants to swim. So, swimming we go. While we were in the pool, little Elizabeth actually not holding mummy as tight as before anymore. And, she was no longer shivering or being frightened when she accidentally drink some water and choke her nose. Wow! Bravo!

Liz:”Mummy, you see… I am so brave. I am Auntie now, ok?” Hahahaha………….

Alright! Now I got you! The “Jie Jie” and “Auntie” thing simply means you’ve grown up. You surely did, honey! Especially in this special 33 months, you really really did grown up a lot. :)


Shooping? Drawing? Or Cooking?

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 31, 2009

When she first woke up and getting ready to school……

Liz:” Er… We go shopping, k?”

Mummy:” You mean after school?”

Liz nod nod.

Mummy:” Alright. What you want to buy?”


After we went into the car…

Liz:” Go shopping later, k?”

Mummy:” Sure. But what you want to buy?”

She took a few minutes thinking and said:” Book.”

Surprise! Surprise! Since when this little cheeky become a real bookworm? May be. But, more of a little shopping queen. Hahahaha……

Anyway, she also starts scathing now. Draw then color. Sometimes, can see the shape of the things she intended to draw. Mummy and daddy is so proud to see that. However, still lack of patient in completing the coloring. Never mind. Take your time. Mummy has the patient to wait. I know soon you will show me you can do it like you always did. 😛

Also, she got a chance to work in the kitchen now. Thanks to the new “kakak” who definitely can cook better than mummy. Ha!

Mm! Need some strength.


Wow! So serious!

Yike, Sticky! But, fun! 😛

Mm! I think it’s ready. I want to shape it nicely piece by piece like “kakak” now. 😉

Hooray! I can make curry puff now! Alright! Just learn how to cook, k? Don’t eat too much. You might look cute as you become chubby at this age. Unfortunately, if you carry such big appetite until your adulthood, you will certainly need weight loss pills. LOL!



Posted by Everyday Healy on May 10, 2009

Good job! That’s lovely! And, a very good mother’s day gift too. Thanks you! In fact, you are the greatest gift mummy ever had. Thus, everyday is a mother’s day as mummy really enjoy your wittiness.   😛

Today, she is already 29 months and 1 week old. She has grown up a lot to be more witty and very imaginative. An absolute drama queen and quite a fantastic singer too! :PAlso, God bless! As she eats well, sleeps well and enjoys physical activities so much. Thus, very healthy. But, one problem. She just keep talking, singing and grumbling all day long. Luckily mummy has big ears. Hahahaha……


See Iguana

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 26, 2009

Yesterday, we went out for lunch.

Liz: “Mummy… No inguana.”

Mummy: “Of course, it’s quite impossible to see iguana in a coffee shop.”

Liz: “Mm! No iguana.”

Later when we came home.

Daddy: “Are you boring, Elizabeth? Where you want to you?”

Liz: “See iguana.”

Daddy: “Not again! We go there almost every week. Not too often, baby.”

So, this little cheeky was hinting us  she wants to go to the CTY pet shop even when we are still taking lunch. LOL! So cute!

This morning…

Liz:”Daddy, don’t want go school. Go see iguana.”

On the way to the kinder beat class…

Liz: ” Don’t want go school! Don’t want go school! See iguana! See igauna!” Throwing tantrum, jumping and was going to cry.

Mummy:”Alright. Music class first. Then, we go see iguana.”

And, yes! She was so happy while we were hanging around the CTY pet shop. But, she visited the baby shark more than the iguana. :roll:

Obviously she knows how to make a request on where to go now.


My 28th Months Birthday

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 5, 2009

This is my birthday cake. I like it so much! mummy said It’s my 28th months birthday. Huh? 😯 (Whatever! As long as there is birthday cake and birthday song.)

Well… Thanks to “kakak”. I blow the candle on this cake and sing the birthday song almost everyday. Everyday is my birthday, Hooray! 😛

And, singing is my life now. I sing every minute. I  even change and made my own lyrics for the rhythms that I have learned. It’s so fun to sing. As I sing, I like to move my body with the beat too. Cool! Let’s dance! 😉

I hate school. But, mum keep sending me to trial class. Hey! Can it be beach or pet shop? Let’s “kai kai”. No school. No! But, I want to go “kai kai”. Anyone please? Hehe……

I sing… I dance… and now I speak in sentences. Thus, I can even tell stories. But, only very short one. Something within 10 words? Hehe……Well, mummy said I really can act. Yeah… I can show you how baby cries, how people blows their nose, what did the announcer says, some hip hop dances, how teacher scold the students, and fantastic decious look. And, I have 100s of different posts stand by for mummy to take pictures. :)

By the way, good news! Mummy let me eat prawns now. Fried prawn is yummy. But, I prefer vege and rice. It’s so good! *Slurp*

Er… also milk, potato chips, chocolates and some fruits. Apple, pink guava and banana is my favorite. I like grapes and oranges too. But, mummy said they can make me cough. Ok. So, no ice cream, no grapes and no orange juice? :(

Of course not. I decided to take these food once in a while. :)

Yes! I will make decision. No one can force me to do anything. Anything that I don’t like, I say “No!”, when I was force to do or stop doing something, I cry! Cool! Hahahaha……

So… I decide when and where to”pooh” and “wee wee” too.

“Not in the potty?”  That’s right!

“In your pants?” That’s a fantastic idea!

“Oh My God!”

Cool! That’s what I always says. Sometimes, I will replaced it with “Oh, Shit!” It is always better as it is simplier. Hahahahahaha……


We all love it

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 8, 2008

Thank you, Elizabeth. Thanks for helping daddy to wash the car. Oh! Thank you too, daddy. For giving me a chance to play with bubbles and water. Hahaha……

It happened most of the weekend. She loves it! Daddy loves it! Mummy likes it too! Because it is a great way to loose some pounds? Nope! Our maid often wash the car for us too. It seems she still need diet pills! LOL!

It’s a working together and being together moment for mummy. Wonderful! I guess daddy and baby should be feeling the same way too. 😛

Look at my baby… She can help on car wash now! She even likes to help in sweeping or moping the floor. Sometimes, she try to wash her own clothes while she was bathing in the bathroom. How about that? LOL!


Her 22nd month

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 4, 2008

Yeah… Just wait patiently for another 2 months for your birthday party, k? Now, just keep eating fish and pears. Mummy is glad you love them so much now. They are good for your health. 😛

And, you have grown to be so so so Chicky! And, extremely playful. You learned to bully daddy. Slap him! Kick him! Beat him! Scratch him! Pinch him! I know you don’t do that to mummy. But, you stop calling “Mi” 2 days ago. Why you keep teasing mummy by addressing me as “Mmm…”? Say sorry, Elizabeth! 😯

I know, I know! You learn lots of words. You can even talk in some simply sentences . And, you even start singing. Singing with no words can be heard yet. Hahaha…… It’s ok. Mummy appreciates your effort. Ya! Ya! One more thing. Stickers, right? Regarding this matter… Please stick your stickers on your sticker book, not your shirts, pants, hands, and face.

Worst still, don’t stick them all together! That will ruin all the stickers! *Shouting*

LOL! Mi…. Why you shot so near? That will make my already big head looks even bigger. Oh No! 

Ops! So sorry, Baby! I will keep some distance now. I promise!

So you think that’s fun? Anyway, it’s funny for mummy! Hahahaha…… Enjoy yourself, baby! Just not for mummy. The gum of these stickers might cause sensitivity to my skin. I don’t want to spend so much on acne treatment or allergy again! Hehe…


Give me one Ringgit

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 23, 2008

Elizabet’s condition has been stable down. Mummy is quite sure that I will have a good night sleep later. But, it seems mummy had made a mistake. There are actually 3 shots of antibiotics in total, which means little Elizabeth still have to bear another injection by tomorrow. So sorry, darling! 😥

Don’t worry about tomorrow. Let’s go to pasar malam, ok? So, we went to pasar malam together just now. I am shock when she actually asked for money and wanted to pay the stall owner in exchange for a cooking set that she has aimed for it.

At first, she cried and pointing at the toys displayed on the floor. It’s a cooking set. I am afraid she might put those things in her mouth and the led is not safe. So, we just passed the stall.

Then, she started to point at the money in mummy’s hand. Alright! One ringgit. The next thing, she turned and point to that stall. As “kakak” bring her back there, she is trying to pay. Ha! Clever, aye? One Ringgit for the whole cooking set. That’s even brilliant! Hahahaha……

It’s a total surprise! Obviously, she has learned how to use the money. So, never underestimate a kid intelligence! 😉

But, can you stop calling “Mi”! Look… she is calling me again. She just keep calling “mummy” to accompany her with all her daily activities now. Oh! I need a break, baby! How I wish I am spending my day only with daddy in one of the romantic St. Barts villa rentals now.

Daddy, please buy me some “me” time, would you? 😛


Her 21th Month

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 4, 2008

Today is Liz’s 21th month old. Time flies. Just another 3 months, there comes her 2nd birthday. 😛

She is growing tall and plum now. So, may be a Hop Ball could be a prefect birthday gift for her. As she loves ball. And, more exercise on the Hop Ball will makes her healthier and slimmer.

Anyway, this little big tummy is always full of laughter and smile. Lovely! However, there are times when she loose control. Obviously, she has started to show her temper. LOL! But, she is very clingy now. She will surely look for my maid whenever she goes to bed or just wake up from her sleep.

Somehow, she is still very close to mummy and daddy. Receiving her kiss early in the morning is the sweetest thing for mummy and daddy now. Everyday is a great new day for us. As her kiss really brighten up our day. 😛

By now, she speaks quite clear and start picking up the single word quite fast. Besides, she actually watches lots of TV. And, still very active. Just as daddy always said: “She needs more activities.”.

Somehow, mum and dad got not enough time. Don’t worry, girl! We still try our best. At least, you are still out every weekends. Enjoying the beautiful views and facilities in nice environment, visiting your grandparents, shopping and playing at the playground. 😛


I live in the computer era

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 4, 2008

Elizabeth is always interested in computers. That’s good as we are all living in the computer era now. As long as she is interested in it, it’s quite certain that she will be good at it. That’s an advantage. 😛

She likes to read her blogs too. As she will always smile when she saw her own pictures on the screen. Sometimes, she even laughing joyfully. That’s cute! She likes all the other pictures in the newspapers too. Hopefully, she will keep her interest and manage to develop the good habit of reading newspaper everyday when she grow up. 😛

Mummy is not surprise if she even like to download latest musics, check out the world news, local politics issues, online boutiques, diet pill reviews or other health info all through the net later when she knows how to fully utilized the computer.

And, mummy is quite certain that she also loves computer games. But, that’s a bad news! LOL!


Let’s play Pretend

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 10, 2008

Elizabeth really has grown up a lot. At this age, her imitation skills is fantastic! She can play pretend by moving her mouth signaling she is drinking water from an empty cup. She will also pretends to pick up food with fork and spoon from an empty plate and chew it in the mouth. Cute! 😛

Sometimes, she will pick up the vacuum brush and pretends she is cleaning the room like what the maid always did.

She can even “read” the menu.

Oh! What order should I take? hehe…
She can even feed her daddy now! 😉

Oh, dear! Daddy must be very happy. Soon, she might even learn how to spend. Good luck, daddy. Anyway, do you want to find out more about the 0 balance transfer in advance? Better get prepared! hahaha…