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Online Baby Centre

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 29, 2007

Hi, So happy that I am back! Last few days I am busy watching Korean drama series that I borrow from one of my friend. My time is so packed, so, since I decided to watch some drama series ( used to be my hobby), then, I have to give up blogging for 1 or 2 days. The series is great!But, I miss blogging too. So, here I am!

I just check my mail, I got my weekly news letter from baby centre. So, this is the fourth week of my Elizabeth’s 5th month. This is the information for this week:

“Many babies are happy and outgoing at this stage. If yours is, then this an ideal time to show her that other people can love her almost as much as you do. Try letting her spend some time getting accustomed to warm, trusted caregivers and babysitters. The experience will help her feel more secure a couple of months down the road, when separation anxiety makes its entrance and your little extrovert becomes more reluctant to leave your side.”

Waw! May be I shouldn’t carry her that much, I should let my family members carry and play with her more often. What’s written in the news letter is absolutely accurate. 2 weeks ago she just learn to raise her hand to show that she want me to carry her. Then, she start to make noise rather than just raising her hand. Now, She started to cry once I pass her by without responding to her. Luckily, she won’t cry for long. But, is she going to be more “aggressive”? Oh, God! I don’t want to think about it, I already feel the headache. hehe………

So, if you want to trace your baby’s development, or know more about your babies and solve some parenting problems. May be you should join the online”Baby Centre“. You can register as a member for free. In return, you will get free weekly news letter on your baby development and lots more. I find it really useful. Very very useful. Trust me! Try it, never delay! Yoh, how much this centre pay me ya? I sound like advertising for this centre now. haha…..

Anyway, this is just to share to all the mothers something I feel is handful. No advertisement!