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Her First Fever

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 30, 2007

Finally, Elizabeth is back from hospital. Mummy and Daddy jumping for joy!JUMP! JUMP!JUMP! JUMP &JUMP &JUMP!Celebration………Oh, Yeah!

Anyway, I will always remember this Merdeka for one important reason— this is the day my darling Elizabeth discharge from GMC for a very high fever. That’s all. No other reason!

Anyway, this is a very tiring experience. I got to take care of her day and night for 3 consequence nights. However, I am lucky to have my mum and my maid to help during the day time. The worst thing is I can’t really sleep well as I really worried about her condition. What’s her condition actually? Mmm… According to her pead… Her high fever is due to urinary Infection. And….. my MIL suggest that I should let her drink barley for one or two days every month. The problem is she don’t like Barley. Still my MIL said I can mix it with her milk, most probably she will accept it then. Yes! She is right! Elizabeth just love it immediately it’s mix with her formula milk. Bravo!

However, She was not eating for the first 2 days. And… to put the medicine in her mouth was rediculously tough! Also… She will surely cried out loud once she saw her doctor and the nurses come near her… Poor girl! (doctor and nurse so naughty… they force girl girl to eat medicine and pop the needle in girl girl hand hor… Mummy bit them! Bit them hard hard! hahaha…)Wanna know how upset mummy is? Just look at this…… I’m sure you will get what I feel by looking at her hand…….

However, look at this this active lil one……

Don’t you feel pain for your hand, baby? Na… it’s nothing! Shu…… quiet! I am watching TV!

Ops…, I’m going to bed now. Tomorrow I still have to go back to GMC early in the morning for last check up. See ya!