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Paed explain on diarrhea with blood

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 31, 2007


If baby having diarrhea with blood can due to many reasons:

1)    Lack of vitamin K. (I think this should be the reason Elizabeth got diarrhea, she took     vitamin K immediately in the hospital after the paed diagnosed. About 2 ml, didn’t observe carefully while the nurse feed her.) If this is the cause, baby will get well once they have enough intake of vitamin K.

We just don’t have to worry and trying hard to squeeze in all the food which rich in vitamin K to the baby’s stomach. As what the paed explained, a few ml of vitamin K intake is exactly what the baby need to quite a long period.

2)    Intususception. This is a rare disorder which a part of the intestine, usually the small intestine, telescopes into the intestine ahead of it. If this is the case, operation is needed. However, the results of the operation are usually excellent.

There are other symptoms that we should watch out to roughly figure out weather he or she pass a motion of blood-stained mucus, like red jelly is caused by this problem.

If it’s intususception, a previously healthy baby may suddenly scream violently for a few minutes. This screaming may recurs every few minutes. Then, the baby will turn pale and limp. Also, may vomit or pass a motion of blood-stained mucus. Thus, they may scream at the same time they have diarrhea.

3)    Commonly, Diarrhea is caused by food poisoning.

4)    Our baby might have intestine infection at the time they have diarrhea. So beware of this problem. Check they baby temperature often. If he or she has fever, that might be the sign of intestine infection. 

Hope this this post is informative. :)


Food poisoning and Diarrhea

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 30, 2007

This is what happened last Saturday. I had a bad weekend. I can’t go shopping as I might crate a mess to mummy once I poop again. Yeah… I poop 5 times in a day on last Saturday. Thus, the only place I hang out to is hospital. So sad that I only spend my wonderful weekend in that hateful GMC with all the nurses and doctors. And, worst still mummy keep feeding me some orange like but salty drink once I am back from there. Must be medicine, I guess. See… that’s why I hate hospital. :sad:

Anyway, I have no diarrhea anymore the next day. Is just that mum still don’t take me out for dinner because doctor said my sickness should be cause by food poisoning. to simplified it, I ate something dirty. And, I get really irritated these few days as mummy had cut down my milk supply. I only had one bottle ( 5 oz) of milk per day for almost 3 days, only porridge and cereals is allowed. Mummy…… when can I have more milk? :sad:

Oh! Poor little Elizabeth. The reason why you have to stop drinking too much of milk is because too much of oily stuffs will persist your diarrhea. So, to make sure you can recover in the fastest manner, you got to stop drinking milk. (That’s oily, very oily indeed).

Anyway, you can continue your normal milk intake this evening if there is no sign of diarrhea in another few hours later. You are free! “Hooray!Love you, mum!” 😛

See… why mum was so worried until she has to bring my poop to the hospital to show my paediatrician? Simple. My condition is quite critical. My diarrhea got blood. My paed even ask my to snap a pic to show him. I’ll show you, k? LOL! What a professional paed! 😛

Mummy will further explain what is so dangerous about diarrhea with blood tomorrow, k? Chao!


Bread! my favorite

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 26, 2007

Do you like bread? My baby Elizabeth just love it like nothing else. And, it’s quite safe to let a 10 months old hold the bread with her own hands and try to eat on her own too. Shoppingmum advised me to train her to eat on her own. No more feeding.

In fact,I’ve tried. But, not very often as it will turn out very messy. I don’t really like it and surprising she hates it too. Yeah… my girl. She don’t really like to hold the food. She will start looking at her fingers and try to get rid of the stickiness I guess, by moving her fingers. End up, she will throw the food away. LOL! Hold on, baby. Hold on. I guess she must be very particular about cleanliness when she grow up, aye?

Anyway, she just won’t throw the bread away as she really like breads. All sorts of bread. She starts eating bread when she was 7 months old. Simply delicious. Can swallow very well too. :)

Mmm… Yummy! :slurp:



Posted by Everyday Healy on October 25, 2007

What do you think? Just by looking at my beautiful picture? I looks very excited? I might be raising my hand signaling “Yahoo!”, right? Or something like this? 😛

Nope! I am not. Have you watched “Superman”? I never. But, dad always show me what Superman did when he is getting ready to fly… He showed me some time ago. And, he never do it anymore after I stop laughing whenever I saw this action. That was about 2 months ago. All of the sudden, I miss this action so much! So… I just did it! 😉

( Yup, I already learn up this trick while you keep showing me, dad! Surprise? Clever, ai? I mean to tell, but I can’t. Anyway…Thanks, dad! I just love it. Any new tricks?)

At first, I show it to my maid in the garden. Then, to my mum and everyone in the house only when I am in the mood. They seems excited. Every time I did it, everyone of them will come to me and give me a big :applause:. kind of proud with myself! 😛

However, when I am not in the mood, no matter how hard they try to tease me, no matter how many times they keep mentioning “Superman”… I just won’t do it. Don’t you think it’s kind of irritating just to show them on their request?

“I will do it whenever I feel like doing it, mum… dad… granny…, understand?”

Anyway, cute ya? me in that picture? This is the time when I get excited when I saw big big cartoons around… So… that’s it! Show time! 😛

And… never forget to tell you aunties and uncles something… Sometimes, I will also do it when I heard word like “Spiderman!”. It’s slightly different from Superman though, but… almost the same isn’t it? Am I right? :blush:


Some techniques to encourage language development

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 24, 2007

Nowadays, Lizzy just loves to talk, but what she say is just for her own knowledge. She will ca ca ca, ma ma, ta ta ta, gi gi ga ga, ya ya ya. But what’s that baby? what’s that? Ha!

Even though I do not understand her language, but I’ll still respond. I will keep guessing and give her answer. So friends, don’t feel awkward talking back to baby who cannot talk back. In fact, they can communicate before they learn talking. And,babies need to hear words repeated in many contexts in order to understand language. Thus, we are encourage to talk a lot with our babies. Do you know that by talking to them can actually raise their IQ? Please go to here and find out more.

Anyway, this is how we can create an optimal language environment:

  • Talk and sing to your baby while you’re engaged in daily duties, such as cleaning or shopping.
  • Gossip, chit-chat and talk out-loud.
  • It is important to react to pre-verbal sounds like coos or squeals. If your child coos, encourage this by reacting and talking back to him/her.
  • Using picture books that have simple words and colorful pictures, talk about what you see and give your baby a chance to respond.
  • When reading the newspaper, read it aloud with your child to increase word count.
  • By reciting nursery rhymes and songs, you’re creating a fun and interactive environment for your child.
  • Narrate daily activities such as cooking and cleaning.

My Patrick

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 21, 2007

Look at what I’ve got here! This is my Patrick. Mmm….. I like Patrick. I will roll together with Patrick on mummy’s bed. That’s sweet and fun! But I still prefer Harry as my new friend — Patrick don’t know how to bark like Harry. Instead, These 2 days, daddy keep barking! hahahaha

I certainly know that he is just trying to convince me that  Patrick does bark! Oh! Dad… It doesn’t matter… All that matter was you, thanks for playing with me every night. You certainly make me laugh and have fun like there is no tomorrow. Love you, Dad. 😛

So… How is Patrick, Auntie? Handsome? Cute?

Dad… I like Patrick. Thanks for buying this cutie for me. At least it won’t bite! Instead, I can bite him. 😛 Mummy will get me Patrick to bite once I started to bite her. I think Daddy bought Patrick for me also to protect mummy. hahahaha….


Elizabeth Bad Sleeping Habit

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 19, 2007

My maid just called home. She is already waiting in LICT now. By 9:05pm, her flight will be in Penang International Airport. OMG! Just can’t tell in writing how happy I am to see her back again. Finally, I can hand over the tons of household chores to her. And, start blogging like mad again. ( My computer will be back by tomorrow evening too.) That’s a ve…ry…. good news, you know…. :)

Anyway, since my maid is gone, I hardly have time to update how’s Elizabeth without a maid. Actually, she is less noisy. Most probably because she gets what she wants — Her mummy! :) She was so happy and satisfied too whenever I sit down either watching TV or playing toys with her. And, I always bring her out with me since there was no one taking care of her at home. Also because I am always out to buy lunch and dinner for my family. At this time, our best choice is to went vegetarian as vegetarian food were everywhere now because of the celebration of “The ninth emperor’s Birthday”.

However, without my maid, Elizabeth can’t sleep on time at all. Normally she will sleep around 11pm or slightly earlier. What my maid usually did was walk her in the garden or accompany her in my room and let her roll on my bed until she fall asleep after 10 or 10.30pm. As for me, I mostly go to bed at least around 12am. So, I will bring her to bed around this time too. End up… guess what time she sleep for the last 10 days? 1 or 2 am. :( ( I know, that’s terribly late. see Lizzy, I told you. That’s too late. Why must you take so long to fall asleep?)

In fact, I realized she tends to play with us and don’t really want to sleep. She will quickly fall asleep if only my maid is around with her. Why ar… Is that mean my maid is too bored. She just don’t feel like playing with her. So might as well sleep earlier… 😛

And, do you know I can actually sleep in style? 😛

Anyway, here are some tips on approaches to solve bad sleeping habits:

If you make an effort to keep the rest of your baby’s daily routine consistent, (meaning he or she naps, eats, plays, and gets ready for bed at about the same time every day,) your baby will be much more likely to fall asleep without a struggle too.

Don’t hold or rock your baby to sleep, and don’t use breastfeeding, a bottle, or a dummy to send him to dreamland. These methods teach your baby to depend on being put to sleep, rather than falling asleep on his own.

Put him in his cot before he falls asleep or else he’ll learn to rely on being put to sleep by you, rather than doing it himself.

If he calls for you in the night, don’t get your baby out of his cot. You can tuck him in, pat him, or soothe him. Many children this age are going through separation anxiety. So, try leaving the door to your baby’s room partially open so he can hear you and be reassured, or give him a transitional object such as a blanket for comfort.

You can also try moving his afternoon nap to an earlier time and making it shorter.

Stick with your bedtime ritual and to be firm about going to sleep. You can try setting an alarm clock to go off about five minutes before it’s time to go to sleep.

If he wakes in the night, be flexible. Don’t let your baby cry it out; instead, try to find the source of his wakefulness (such as a full nappy, hunger, upset routines during the day, a stuffy nose, or even irritating pyjamas).

Increase his daytime attachment to you (breastfeeding, wearing him in a sling, and so on and let dad play the role of nighttime co-comforter so both parents can help the baby fall back to sleep.


Wake up? Wee Wee…

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 18, 2007

I really do not sure when is the right time to give Elizabeth potty training. However, She started quite early. I started potty trained her few months back. I think should be around her 7th month.

Anyway, she already did it quite well now. Even though she still do not know how to signal me when she wants to let go. But, I realized these 2 weeks, she started to make noise when she wants to poop. Although not every time, but most of the time she will do it. May be she is trying to tell me, I believed she is trying hard to tell me ” mummy… I want to poop!” Good try, baby. Mummy believe soon you will manage to tell. :)

Even she can’t tell, it’s still easy to know weather it’s time she wants to let go. Normally, she will poop while standing. She will stand still at that time. And, both of her eyes will turn red and wet when she start uses her strength. Once I saw her reactions, I will quickly grab the potty and get her sit on it once I’ve taken off her pants. She is wiling to sit down most of the time if she is given some toys. it can be as simple as a plastic bottle, a colored ball or a rattle. ( I personally felt this is the best trick to make a baby sit down on the potty for a longer time frame.)

Also, she is still wearing cloth nappy during day time. And, “mummypoko” at night or while she is out. However, every time when she wake up from her short nap, I will surely let her wee wee by sitting on the potty. So far, these are successful experiences as she normally don’t wet her pants while she is still “snoring”. 😀

Oh…. mummy! Not again! I am still sleepy ler… (Actually, there are pieces of grapes in her mouth. Yes, she is also very much willing to sit down properly if I feed her some snacks.) Anyway, I think she looks really cute with this dreamy face. She still look sleepy, isn’t she?  😉

So, good luck to all of you who did not start potty trained your baby and still looking forward to it. Hopefully, I have made a great sharing that is useful to you. 😛


I like swimming

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 17, 2007

I did not swim for quite some time. Actually, I love to swim. But, mummy don’t really like to get into the pool with me quite often. However, I am lucky today. “wuwu” — uncle Bill bring me along when he get into the pool this afternoon. Thanks, “wuwu”. I enjoyed myself so much. Just… not too long. After a while, I normally raise my hand high to signal mummy, “please get me out of the pool now!” 😛


I love McD

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 11, 2007

Last night, I slept at 7pm, then, I wake up on 10 pm. Mummy and daddy straight away help me to change and they bring me to a new place which I had so much fun there! Guess what is this place? It’s McD!

Yeah… Elizabeth really has so much fun in McD. This time she enjoy playing in the playground as I tried to lead her to walk up the stairs step by step. Certainly not like what had happened in KFC. And, this time, there is one friendly “jie jie” who always came near, touch her and smile to her. She is very happy with that, of course! She is just a friendly baby all the time.

Also, she loves all of the McD’s food so much! Really! This is the first time, I seen her keep asking for more even though she already took a lot. Normally, she will stop asking before we actually finish our food. But, this time she just keep asking until I showed her they are all empty! That’s scary!

Worst still, this is the first time she cried once she realized we are going back as we get into the car. She keep pointing to McD. And, keep looking back even though we already quite far away. Jesus! She never act like this before. LOL! I am a bit worried actually. I don’t want her to be the future everyday supporter of McD. As we all know, too much fast food is not good for babies, kids or even adults. :(

So, no more McD for Elizabeth. May be once in a month. That’s it. However, I really kow tow to McD this time. It’s hard to believe that even a 10 months old baby can crazy over McD! huh? Amazing! This is what I call “zillion dollar” company! :)

Oo… it’s sad that I have no hand to take pictures for her at that time. Or else, I can show her happy, smiley face here now! :)

Anway, “kakak” called home last night, asking how is everybody. I think she really miss us all especially baby Elizabeth. She said she don’t feel comfortable in her Kampung, if not that she already bought the return ticket, she would’ve come back earlier! So happy to hear that! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jumping for joy! 😛


Me and my new car

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 10, 2007

Look at the photos above. Elizabeth seems getting more and more excited with her new little car. :)

This toy car was bought by her grandparents (my PIL) for shoppingmum’s kids to play in their house. This is basically one of the spare toy for their grandchildren in their house. Then, I brought it home last 2 weeks as Elizabeth like it so much. And also, no one actually play with it there, so MIL suggested that we to bring it home for her.

However, once It’s in the house. She is not excited with it anymore. Worst still she seems getting bored with it! She will just pushing it around and will not sit on it. Strange!  She is not the type of baby who get bored with toys easily. She still like her walker so much. But why not this car? *puzzled*


This is how I get know “Giraffe”

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 9, 2007

Yesterday, I was out with mummy the whole day. Yahoo! Kakak not around means mummy have to bring me every where she goes. 😉

However, we did not go shopping. Mummy bring me to the market instead. This is my first time in a wet market. I think the only difference between market and shopping mall is the cleanliness. Market is quite dirty and smells like … Er… don’t know. Anyway, I don’t like the smell. But, I like to look at the raw pork. And, looks like it’s fun to cut the meat. Excited! Very Excited! And, Mummy told me the man who cut the meat is called “Butcher”.

Then, mummy bring me to KFC playground to play for a while. I do not enjoy all the big big toys there. I only like to look at the “jie jie” who played in the playground too. Then, we came back and change. Before we fully get ready, daddy was back. So, he too bathe himself and dress up nicely. About 8pm, we went out for dinner together with “wu wu” ( uncle bill) and grandma.

I am pretty impressed once we were inside a cafe called “Northen Beach Cafe” which is exactly opposite Northen Hotel. Oh… waht’s that all? Nice… all so bright and colorful. Auntie, Auntie, may be you can tell me what are they.

Ya! Mummy said they are lanterns. Big lanterns! Very nice isn’t it? I get so excited when I saw them. I wanted to touch them, but mummy just won’t allow me to do so. I want to touch! Mummy! :(


Alright… So, I just stand near by all those lanterns. And, Those above, they are “giraffes”. Yes! Grandma told me they are “giraffe”.She kept repeating it. And , mummy also keep repeating it. As a result, when we are back home, grandma try to open one of my book with animal pictures and ask me where is giraffe? I point it out in no time.

They are big, colorful and bright. Thus, I can remember them almost immediately. So, this is how I learn up the word “giraffe”. 😉


Mummy buy me new Flash Cards

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 8, 2007

Auntie, Auntie, this is my new flash card. They are so colorful compared to the old one. Mum bought it in MPH, Gurney Plaza, Penang. They are from Future Ace Publishing, RM 15.90 each ( about $5 USD). Mum said it’s quite cheap for its great quality. Mummy also said that she want me to learn about things around me, ABC and 123 first, so I only have 2 sets now.  They are actually 6 sets including animals and A to Z; addition and subtraction; at school, colors and shapes; party toys and games.

By the way, mummy promised to play and read with me more for the next 12 days. Waw… less blogging, more child care taking? Ha! you know why? Because my “kakak” ( Indonesian maid) will not be around during this 12 days. So, mummy has no choice but to fully take care of me. 😛

No matter what, I am so so so happy! Mummy can always be beside me now! Hooray! 😉


I fall today, and many other days

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 7, 2007

Auntie, Auntie, my head got scratch and bleed a little, one of my eye became red at the side. Very red at first, luckily it fully subsides before my dinner. What happen? Oh……I fall quite badly today. So pain! I cried loud.

But 10 minutes later, grandma walked me in the garden. Then, I stop crying as I like cruising in the garden. it’s like gone out to “kai kai”. Fun! Actually, I don’t really cry, if it’s not a very serious fall. And, I am tough, I try my best not to cry most of the time no matter what! :)

However, since I try walking, I always fall. I fell so many times already. ( since 2 weeks ago I think). But, I try to forget about it and keep walking.

Anyway, this is what happen this afternoon……

Yeah…I fell when daddy let me cruise along with the walker.I thought it’s very safe. And, it’s fun so I push quite fast. Daddy was busy video taping me. All of the sudden, the walker stop as it hit the sofa. At the time, I “fly” to knock the wall. Ouch! My head! My eye! Mummy…That’s painful and shocking!Daddy was a bit late even he thrown away the camera almost immediately and come to the rescue. Ouch! Anyway, it’s alright dad. I am ok now. Don’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault. Just keep playing with me! When you play with me, I will forget about all the pains and aches. Let’s play now. 😀

And, be careful Auntie. Better stay close to your baby, so that you’ll came at the right to lend a helping hand. 😀


Fruits is good for flu

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 6, 2007

Lizzy was having flu few days back. Runny nose. She just recovered a bout 2 weeks ago… Not again! I am so worried as she keep getting flu nowadays. But, I don’t feel like bringing her to the doctor. No more medication. That’s nothing much but drugs. I am going let her recovered on her own this time if she has no fever.

So, during a 2nd day, I don’t just sit down and wait but do nothing. I actually thought of giving her some orange as I recalled my MIL always mentioned to me that “fruits is good for flu” especially those with high Vitamin C. So, orange juice without sugar and ice at first. She don’t really like it anyway. She just took about 10 tea spoon I think.

So next, apple on the next day. This time I gave her the flesh and the juice together. I scoop them. Oh… She loves it! Then, papaya again at the same day. As usual, she loves papaya like nothing. She can finish half of those small size papaya which we call  “Hawaiian papaya” here.

Then, when she woke up in the 3rd day morning, the flu is gone completely. Waw… it works. ( her last flu took her about 7 to 8 days to recover, this is fast!) Fruits are amazing! Just  eat more fruits, Lizzy.More fruits…. 😀


Chicky Lizzy’s trick

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 5, 2007

See, I am so clever isn’t it? This is something mum and dad can’t even get anything close after a few tries. Ha! Fun!


I am 10 months old today

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 4, 2007

Lilypie1st Birthday Ticker

I just have to wait for another 2 months time. That’s when I am turning to 1 year old. Ya Hoo! I just can’t wait to grow up bigger, 1 year old, 2 years old, 3 years old, 10 years old. Then, 20 years old. At that time, I am going to be like mummy! Dress up nicely, put on make up, wearing high heels and earrings! Waw… that’s great!

hahahaha…. I guess Lizzy is just not up to that yet. In fact, this was what always in my mind since I turn to 10. hehe…..

Now, Lizzy is still up to something. She can…

  • call “mama”, but that’s not me, is her grandma. ( my mum). So sad. :(
  • call “woo woo”, my brother when it’s in lower pitch. If it’s in higher pitch, that refers to dog. ( Yes! She certainly understand what is a dog now. In fact, she loves “woo woo”.) Ha! So my brother is a …. hehe… I am just kidding Bill, easy, k? hahahahaha
  • say “ca” means car.
  • say “ta ta ta ta ta” while beating someone.
  • And, the most obvious vocal would be “mum mum” means eat. LOL! So, “tam chaik”. (crave for food)
  • walk ( if there is something for her to hold on. If without any support, she will bend down within 2 steps. LOL! Come one girl, just be brave… I know you can do it!)
  • ran once she realized we are holding both of her hands and leading her.
  • swallow small slices of apples, grapes, papaya, cakes, mee hoon, noodles, taufu, bread. Basically anything that is not too hard.
  • wave bye bye

And, She also knows

  • everyone in the house
  • Barney ( She likes Barney show and She pratically know how to point to the cupboard where the DVD is. And, once she got it in her hand, she will instruct the one who carry her to put it in the DVD player by pointing to it too. And, she always insist to switch to her show whenever we play on the movie she dislike. Cute, isn’t it? But, a bit rude… ar… what I am suppose to do then?
  • how to point with only one finger.
  • how to choose her preferred direction while walking, split out the precise food that she don’t like, ( for instance, she will swallow the porridge and spit out the pumpkin when feed together.). In short, she has becoming more and more picky! LOL!
  • how to act superman! This is really cute! One day I will snap a pic and show you how she do it by raising her hand to reach her head which is she already place it in a slanting position.
  • what is nose, hair, pillow, swimming pool, milk, water, kiss, books… In fact, She can memorize the things she learn as soon as you teach her now. (So, another job for me now– teach her more things) :)
  • She certainly knows how to get close with people she loves now. Look at her , “manjanya…” LOL! (Anyway, this is not her grandma but her greatgrandma, ok?) I am glad they are close. :)

Her favorites,

  • Bread
  • fruits ( apples, grapes, papaya), She don’t really like Orange.
  • mee hoon
  • ice cream
  • chocolate
  • Yakult
  • corbonated drinks ( We tried her once. That’s it. Only Once. And she was shouting for it! Ha!)
  • anything that we are taking
  • her jacket
  • teddy bears
  • animals like birds, fish, dog, snail….. (I think she is an animal lover in nature.)
  • all types of remote control ( for the gate, car, Astro, TV, DVD player, air-con). And, she knows that she must direct it to the specific gadget if she want to use it. Then, she will keep pressing until she get to hear a sound from it or see the picture on the screen has change, she will laugh. So… proud! LOL! :)
  • books (certainly more interested than toys) , Surprise me actually. :)
  • rolling on my bed. keep smiling while rolling, so enjoyable ler… :)
  • “kai kai” — go out
  • “pom pom”– bathe ( she likes to splash water and she had learn squatting down whenever she refuse to get up from the tub.)

She hates shoes, hat, fish and vitamins. I guess that’s all. can’t recall anymore.

Anyway, she is still getting up in the middle of the night for milk. But, there is a good sign I seen within these few days. It seems that she don’t really keen on milk when she wake up now. Hopefully soon she will not need it anymore through the night. Sleep tight, baby! Sleep, tight! :)


Elizabeth actually hit herself

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 3, 2007

 Yesterday, there were visitors in our house. Lizzy become so excited when she saw a “koko” walk in with all the aunties. I found out that Lizzy is very friendly. She likes to mix with friends (kids, doesn’t matter big or small). She will still quite happy to be together with them even though some of they do not show friendliness. LOL! So pitiful! :(

She will welcome adults too. In fact, I think she considered very playful. :)

Look at them… This “koko” is actually her uncle cause he is my aunty’s ( my granduncle’s daughter) son. LOL! And, he is only 3 years plus,quiet big size, isn’t it? My Lizzy look so tiny when sitting beside him. hehe……

Also, I realized Lizzy started to be very protective over her toys. She actually grumble like what my dog did( this is the way she show her anger, cute right? :) ) when the “koko” took one of her toy and refused to share with her.  Wow… how come you are so fierce now? like little tiger now. ( of course, mummy is tigress!) But I am so happy because that show she certainly understand that’s hers! 😀

And, Elizabeth suddenly started to use most of the things on her hand to knock her own head once she grab it. Weird! can anybody tell me what’s going on?  I promised myself I must snap a photo on this scene and keep it here in the blog. So that I can show her how funny she is when she has grown up. Actually, she look quite cute when she behave like this. 😀

Anyway, Tomorrow is her 10th months. I will blog on her most recent development after her 9th months in the next post.