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No more Biting your own Foot

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 31, 2008

Mummy is proud that Elizabeth can dance well. And, she is kind of creative, friendly, and funny. That’s lovely! However, human being just can’t be perfect. Elizabeth started exhibiting certain bad habits.

Nowadays, She scratches people on the face. She might slap people on the face too. Also, she will show her temper by shouting or crying, then rolling on the floor. Most surprisingly, sometimes she will bites her own hand and fingers or foot and toes out of a sudden, when she get mad. She will did the same thing when she is bored. 😥

Frankly, this habit is a little bit insane for mummy. Why are you biting your own foot, baby? That’s disgusting! Mummy thought you are quite vain. Don’t you know that once people see you biting your own foot, you just won’t look great anymore even if you put on sexy costumes. :(

Mummy really got to think of a way to stop little Elizabeth from biting her fingers or toes! :roll:


Now I like it, later I don’t

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 29, 2008

I just feed Elizabeth pizza again around 9 pm. I thought I just mentioned that little Elizabeth started to like pizza now. However, She never says Mmm just now. She even spitted it out after the first 2 bites. How could this happened? Both the pizzas don’t really taste that different! 😯

Mummy is curious. Could it be the difference of environment? Will baby changes their preference of food as environment changes? I mean may be Elizabeth loves that “PizzaRUs”. As she enjoyed the environment, she has better appetite and showed better appreciation on the food there.

Mummy assumed it’s possible as my baby showed different attitudes towards different places. Her mood changes as the environment changes. For example, she was so happy whenever she visited Rasa Sayang Resort. In opposition, she will show her grumpy face immediately after she entered the wet market. hahaha……

By the way, she really had an enjoyable time at “PizzaRUs”. I think that’s the real reason why she praised the pizza! 😛


Delicious Pizza

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 28, 2008

Elizabeth loves pizza. She was eating plain rice and plain white bread most of time since young. She can never get bored of both these plain stuffs. However, she seems started to enjoyed pizza with rich taste now! She says, Mmm… 😛

May be pizza is still bread. Thus, she loves it! Just as she likes donuts too. Anyway, this is something new. She used to reject things with rich taste when she was younger. I think soon she will loves cakes too.

Looks like it’s time for mummy to learn baking. At least mummy can prepare some home made cookies, breads, muffins, pizzas and cakes for little Elizabeth next time, especially for her to bring them to school.

Mummy can even open up a bakery once mummy is good at baking. Not a bad idea. Mummy should be serious in it. Mummy even create a name card specially for this business by using one of the online business card maker software to further convinced myself to treat this idea seriously. hahaha…

Just for fun actually. After all, its a free trial. But, It’s absolutely fun! I like this card maker as it even includes beautiful logo design. Fix choices were provided but with wide varieties. By just a few clicks, a nice, appropriate and complete name card will appear immediately on the screen. Amazing! It’s a total hustle free experience. 😛


Coco Crunch Breakfast

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 27, 2008

What does your baby eat for breakfast? Usually, babies love cereals. Elizabeth stop taking powder form baby cereals long ago. She is taking coco crunch now. My little princess loves chocolate taste! 😛

I bought her the tiny Milo chocolate cereal balls. And, my maid will add in some milk and feed this little baby half bowl of it in the morning as breakfast. Not every morning though. Sometimes, it’s biscuits or breads. 😛

In fact, Elizabeth has started to feed herself. Sometimes, these tiny cereal balls just slipped off form the spoon. She missed them! But, she will keep scooping. Quite a persistent girl! 😛

Roar… I got you all in my mouth now! hahaha……

No coco cereals this time? Never mind. I will take the milk first! 😛

Slowly, as these are the last 2 left. 😉

Looks like little Elizabeth also need a baby chair and baby table, daddy. So that she can have breakfast properly on the table.


The Wedding

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 27, 2008

After came back from Gurney Plaza, mummy quickly dressed her up getting her ready to attend a wedding dinner together with mummy and daddy once we reached home. Little Elizabeth was hunger for milk. She lied on her rocking chair while drinking the milk.

Immediately, she was asleep. 😯

Wow… I don’t remember she had such beautiful pajamas?

My maid carried her at the back seat of the car. She was still sleeping in all the way to the hotel. Once we stepped down from the car, her big eyes start blinking. Great! She was awake again. 😛

Oh! Such a nice place. I like it! Er… Where is this place actually? 😯

That night, Elizabeth really enjoyed herself playing with balloons, clapped together with all the guests, running at the corridor, dancing on the red carpet, drinking fruit punch in the big wine glass and keep heating daddy and the maid when she don’t get what she wants. OMG! *Slap forehead*

Wow! I found my favorite! The stairs… I better be quick! Daddy is going to block me anytime. 😛

I prefer gold. But, how am I going to take it out? :roll:

That’s what I get. Never mind. White is just nice to match my beautiful dress. 😛

She was the one who pulled out all the balloons by the stairs holder. Should mummy be proud or ashame? Somehow, all the kids there have fun with the balloons she pulled out. She took the lead and everyone was happy. Mummy should be proud, right? hahaha…


Street Dance

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 26, 2008

Sunday afternoon, we were at Gurney Plaza. We took our lunch at the BBQ Chicken at Gurney Place. Gurney Place is always Elizabeth’s favorite. As there is a wide walkway for her to run about. 😛

It seems this little chicky enjoyed sitting high up on daddy’s shoulder. :)

Wanna dance with me?

Ladies and gentlemen, my Monkey dance! 😉

Now, I am pointing my toes. Dancing gracefully. No more monkey jumping around! hahaha……

As usual, Elizabeth is such a great dancer. She also never stop running around once mummy put her on the floor. Luckily there was Uncle Bill besides daddy and mummy. We all took turn to watch her.  “Kakak” was not with us that day.

In fact, daddy suggested we better cooked “Maggie Mee” and eat at home instead of eating out together with Elizabeth without the maid. Daddy is absolutely right! As little Elizabeth has very bad table manner. :(

She took the spoon and played with salad. She also took the straw in and out from daddy’s drink. Water spilled everywhere. Luckily it was plain water. Smart daddy! It was right to take mummy’s lemon tea away from this naughty little girl. STOP! 😯



Let’s exercise together

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 23, 2008

I guess if we can start exercise since toddler, our figure will certainly looks fit and in good shape. Our body should be healthier too. So, let’s start exercise, little princess! 😛

It looks like little Elizabeth is more on playing rather than exercising. hahaha…

We should trained our baby start exercise since young (may be around 18 months). May be they are not doing all the stretch properly. At least they stretch. And, we as parents can build their interest on sports if we get them involved since young.

Mummy really don’t want little Elizabeth to be like me. I am such an idiot in terms of sports. May be mummy might need legal steroids, if I want to build up my body now. LOL!

Mummy really have to set a good example from now. Luckily, there is still daddy. Elizabeth can actually watch basketball games and play balls with daddy. 😛


Delicious Popcorn

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 23, 2008

Two days ago on the 21th, that was my first time eating popcorn. Mmm… Yum! Yum! 😛

It seems there is a lot of popcorns in the bucket. More and more in my mouth, please! 😛

Wait… My leg is a bit numb. Let’s stretch!

Ops… me and my big leg! Now, they are all on the cushion! :(

Never mind. I can pick up one by one and finished them all. 😛

Like daddy like daughter. Both popcorn fans. In fact, daddy is the one who missed popcorn at first. End up everyone in the house is chewing the popcorn in their mouth, including Bill, granny, mummy and great granny. Ha! We are… Popcorn family! hehe…


I am driving

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 23, 2008

Little Elizabeth enjoy driving. She will “drives” daddy’s car for a while as daddy drive home from work. She will twist and turn the steering as she is an expert. She is driving. It’s just that the car is not moving. hahaha……

But, this time the car is moving. Fantastic! 😛

Oh! Don’t let go the steering while driving! That’s very dangerous! 😯

What are you doing, baby?Don’t look up while driving, Quickly look to the front! Waw… That’s close! 😛

What wrong with the side? No side mirror? Oh! What a car! :roll:

Oh! I am so tired. Let’s change to auto drive mode now. Just like auto pilot. So relax! 😉

By the way, you shouldn’t be driving, my girl. You have neither passport nor driving license. We just continue shopping, ok? 😛


Big Sandal

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 23, 2008

Elizabeth actually try to do a lot of things on her own now. I guess this is the common development for an 18 months old. My little princess is going to turn 18 months in another 11 days time.

She is trying to find her own bottle of water when she was thirsty last night. Eventually, she climbed up the cabinet. 😯 She can even pull the clothes out of her hands. But, she just don’t know how to wear her own shoes. But, she put on mummy’s sandal instead! :roll:

One for you and one for me, mummy! 😉

I better walk slowly, it’s quite loose. 😀


I need skin care

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 20, 2008

Little Elizabeth really likes to play. And, she is always funny!

Sometimes, anything can be a toy to a toddler. Elizabeth likes to play with mummy’s skin care set. she actually applied some of mummy’s whitening body lotion on her face this morning.

Mummy was shock to see her doing that. I thought she still don’t know how to take off the cover. Somehow, she made me laugh! Her face was full of cream and she just don’t know how to spread and rub it. She just let it be instead. She is more like a clown at that time! 😆

Anyway, luckily it’s not acne treatments. As It is good for pimple skin, but definitely too strong for baby skin. At least body lotion is mild. So, should mummy spare baby lotion specially for her to apply?

It’s better to make sure she can never reached all my skin care set anymore.


Simple and Nice

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 20, 2008



“Mother Care” is on Sale. These 3 shirts are all from “Mother Care”. Simple and Nice! Total costs RM 79.90. They are the pack of 3. Thus, all same design but different colors. Like them? Mummy likes the red one. Elizabeth always look brighter in red. 😛

“Mother Care” attires always come in pack. Usually, there are 2 or 3 pieces per pack. In a pack, the shirts or pants will look alike in design. Only the color is different. Of course, there is also single piece. Somehow, single piece is always more expensive.

Frankly, I used to think “Mother Care” is quite expensive. In fact, it might not. As it is very lasting. And, the cutting is fantastic too! I especially like to buy it’s shirts and pants which in packs. The price is reasonable and the quality certainly proved that it worth more than its price. 😛

Anyway, the dresses in “Mother Care” are still quite expensive to me. Thus, Elizabeth still don’t have any dress from “Mother Care” until now. LOL! *Stingy Mummy* 😛


So nice

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 19, 2008

Last Thursday, mummy and granny were in Gurney Plaza for the whole afternoon. Finally, mummy walked into “Mother Care” again. Mummy was so satisfied after I walked out with some new clothes for Elizabeth.

There are selected items on sale. But, only one on sale among all those that mummy bought. Mummy got attracted by all the the new arrival. LOL! Anyway, this time mummy bought all shirts and pants. No more dresses.

Elizabeth need shirt’s and pants.

Anyway, she wore these 2 pieces on Saturday night when we were going to the airport to pick up daddy. She loves it as it got flowers on the shirt. She loves flowers. Anyway, she looks so gorgeous in it. Mummy loves it so much!

I will make sure I shoot 1 picture of her wearing them next time. So clean and nice! Surprisingly, Elizabeth looks better on pants and shirt. 😛


First time on Trishaw

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 19, 2008

Yesterday night, we were at Batu Ferringgi. Mummy, daddy, granny, uncle Bill and Elizabeth’s grand auntie were all taking dinner at Rasa Sayang Hotel. It was a buffet dinner. We choose that place as little Elizabeth like that place so much.

Yesterday night really was her night. As that was the first time she tried a lolly pop. It’s the sour fizzy lolly. Surprisingly, she loves that Lolly. She took about half the lolly. She was laughing and dancing while eating the lolly. Cute! Very lovely!

Besides, it was also her first time riding on a trishaw. Somehow, this little chicky fell asleep as soon as half the journey. May be she was too tired at that time as it was quite late.

Never mind. I am sure there will be next time, baby. As mummy and daddy really enjoyed the rides. Hahaha……


Carry me

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 19, 2008

Elizabeth was sick since the last 2 nights. Mummy get so mad at her the night before last night. Daddy can’t stand her as well. She was crying non stop unless we carry her. We were so sleepy.

What’s wrong with you, baby? Why can’t you sleep on the bed? Please, baby! 😥

End up, mummy got to pass her to the maid around 4pm. That’s daddy’s limit. He just can’t stay up anymore. Daddy was the one who was carrying her that night. Mummy were too tired as mummy can’t sleep at all at the previous night. Not because daddy was not around. It’s because of the itchiness of the allergic reaction.

Mummy felt so sorry the next morning. Baby Lizzy was not naughty. She was sick. She had fever. Sleepy mummy become so careless. How come I don’t even suspect anything? :roll:


Another NBA fans

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 18, 2008

Mummy’s girl is a very sporty girl. Thus, she loves cycling, swimming and especially likes to play with balls. Besides, she just can’t stop running here and there. 😛

Basically, she can kick the ball with her own 2 feet now. And, she is certainly good at throwing the ball away. She even watches basketball games together with daddy. So sweet!

Surprisingly, she will shout out loud “throw”, as she gets excited with the games. At the same time, she will swing mostly her right hand out and bend down her body a bit. Looks like she is playing in the game too. She really is a great actress, isn’t she? 😉

Basically, mummy feels so warm to see baby Elizabeth can share the same interest with her dad. In the future, may be Elizabeth will even buy the Miami Heat tickets for both daddy and herself! So that they can both enjoy the NBA live together. 😆


Agetashi Tofu or Ramen

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 18, 2008

Mummy likes Japanese food. In fact, the whole family like Japanese food. Thus, as mummy, granny, Uncle Bill, and Elizabeth went to the bus station to pick up granny’s sister who is from Ipoh, we decided to drop by Sake Sushi Restaurant. We missed the “Ramen”.

Agetashi Tofu

Baby Elizabeth used to take “Agetashi Tofu” (Fried Tofu) while having Japanese meal. Surprisingly, she rejected the tofu immediately after she swallowed the first spoon of “Teriyaki Ramen”. Obviously, Elizabeth becomes another fans of the Sake Sushi Restaurant’s “Ramen”.

I guess the Tofu is nice. But, the “Ramen” is simply nicer. Is mummy right, my dear? 😛


She is so vain

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 18, 2008

Elizabeth certainly getting very vain these days. As usual, she will try to tap her face using her little fingers assuming she is applying skin care on her face whenever she picked up jars or small bottles. :roll:

She will also pull and flip her dress or shirt when anyone mentioned she dressed beautifully. She especially like the flowers and any other familiar cartoons such as “Winnie the Pooh” or “Mickey Mouse” on her clothings.

However, mummy was shocked when she refused to take out her new clothes. She certainly learn to appreciate new clothes these days. As mummy will put the old clothes on again after letting her to try the new clothes sometimes.

She will try to take out the old clothes and asked mummy to put the new one back on her. She even wears granny’s necklace and show it in front of the mirror.That’s cute! You are so vain, baby! :)

I think she will even wears men’s jewelry if she discovered daddy’s ring and necklace. LOL!


I need daddy and mummy

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 18, 2008

Daddy had flew to Johor yesterday. Tonight, Daddy is home again. Elizabeth, are you happy?

When we reached home just now, Elizabeth and daddy were playing, chasing each other and laughing happily again. No doubt that little Elizabeth loves to play with daddy. Somehow, she seldom looked for daddy when daddy is away. May be she is so used to it as daddy usually is out to work.

I guess daddy and mummy really have different role to play. Elizabeth will surely look for mummy when she needs anything. But, she seldom fool around with mummy. Daddy is her fantastic playmates. Only daddy can make her laugh loudly. But, daddy just can’t stop her from crying. That’s mummy’s job. 😛


Daddy is home

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 14, 2008

Daddy came back earlier just now at about 6.30pm. But, he went out for appointment again after taking his bath. That’s daddy! Always busy working. In fact, mummy and Elizabeth don’t expect daddy to come home so early. At least daddy had spend some wonderful time with Elizabeth in the garden just now. That’s rare and precious! 😛

Sometimes, parents and their kids have strong connection. Daddy came home at the right time. It seems he knows his daughter was sick. That’s amazing! Basically, daddy seems busy even at home.

However, I believe baby Elizabeth can understand her daddy well when she grow up later. After all, no one is perfect, girl! But, daddy loves you so much. He actually work so hard for the money that you spend so easily. 😛

Don’t worry, daddy. Even not this father’s day, I believe Elizabeth will show her appreciation in the future. There will be time your little princess buy her daddy the patek philippe watch as father’s day gift. Wow! That sounds great, isn’t it? May be 30 years later? Just be patient, ok? hahaha……

We as parents will always give our children unconditional love. Somehow, different people will show their love in different ways. Mummy choose to scarify my work to take care of Elizabeth at home. In this case, daddy will have to work hard for our living. 😛


38.5 degree

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 14, 2008

Elizabeth is sick today. She has been injected with a booster yesterday. Now, she got fever. Will it be the injection which caused the fever? Or may be it some other reason? Anyway, her body temperature was 38.5 degree at about 6pm.

Now, it has gone down to normal body temperature after mummy gave her this.

This is the fever medicine prescribed by her paed. It is actually paracetamol. And, mummy will reserves some extra in the fridge all the time for emergency purpose. Hopefully, Elizabeth will have no more fever later tonight. Somehow, mummy will still watch her closely. :sad:


Curtains, Blinds or Shutters

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 14, 2008

Elizabeth likes to hide behind the curtains playing “Peekaboo” now. In fact, as long as she is having fun, I really don’t mind she hide under any cloth as long as it’s clean and safe. However, mummy wash the curtains a few months once. Thus, I don’t think they are clean.

Mummy hates washing the bulky curtains. As mummy need to climb up and down to take the curtains off and hang it on again after cleaning. The whole process is always a mess. And, it’s hard to find place to hang it till dry. But, mummy just won’t spend on a dryer just because of the curtains. In fact, mummy is thinking of changing it to country wood blinds.

It’s nice and it suits our overall home design which major in woods. Blinds are easy to clean. At least mummy don’t have to take it out and fix it again. Just fix it for once, then clean it by wiping it with wet clothes everyday. That’s practical and hygienic.

However, the blinds will slap on her face when she try to hide behind it. In this case, there is no point even if I choose the normal PVC blinds. Luckily, there is polywood shutters.

This real wood shutter looks great! It’s classic and neat, isn’t it? And, this shutter itself is a window. It’s not another piece of blind that we hang like the curtain. So, there is no space for Elizabeth to hide behind it. So, this is the best for us! 😛


Ear Wax Remover

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 14, 2008

Elizabeth paed recommend me the ” Cerumol” after he checked both Elizabeth’s ears. They are both full of ear wax. Since, mummy can hardly remove the ear wax for Elizabeth, mummy certainly appreciate the help of this ear wax remover.

It seems this is the most common (almost the one and only one) ear wax remover that best used to remove the kids hardening and accumulating ear wax. Elizabeth just tried once. According to her paed, Mummy is supposed to put 2 times a day, each time 4 drops for a period of 5 days to fully remove the ear wax stuck in her ears.

Ear wax is not supposed to be accumulated in the ear of our baby as it will eventually block the ear and caused hearing problem. As usual, when something is blocking the air way of our ears, we just can’t hear clearly anymore.


Please Speak

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 13, 2008

Elizabeth is 10.6kg now. She has gained 400g weight within a month. I think it’s quite a lot. Somehow, mummy is still happy with it. Gain a little weight is always better than loosing weight.

However, mummy is worried of her speech development. She is a bit slow. She only start speaking single words now. She is 17 months now, but she can only speak less than 10 words.

She says: dog, ball, “kakak” (means sister) , throw and star. In fact, I only heard the “star” and “ball” once. Where as “kakak, dog and throw are the 3 frequent words. When mummy asked her, she can point to a lot of things accordingly. Somehow, she just can’t voice it out! LOL!

Elizabeth, keep trying! It’s time to speak in proper words like mummy and daddy. Don’t just hide behind the curtains, and expect mummy to say “Peekaboo”. Next time say it with your own voice to surprise mummy, ok?

According to her paed, this is the consequences of spending too much time in front of the TV! :(


Injection Day

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 13, 2008

Elizabeth went to see her paed for another booster this afternoon. As usual, next month there is still another injection. It just never ends, even after thousands have been spent on injections. :roll:

We are late for the appointment.  Dr. Sim has went out for lunch. Thus, we were waiting outside the clinic for about an hour. Mummy was boring. I should have bring my magazine along.

But, Elizabeth can never be disappointed. She likes this place as it is basically a mini playground. There are slides and other toys for her to play with. Thus, Elizabeth did enjoy herself! 😛

Frankly, it is best to find a clinic or hospital with toys or playground when you first decided on your baby’s paediatrician.