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Too many Conettos

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 29, 2008

Last night, I heard my girl cough while having her sweet dream. I know why. Pretty sure it’s the ice that cause her coughing. Too much cold drinks, baby! Also, stop taking a few mini Conettos each day. :(

We as adults will think that joining the wine of the month club in this holiday season has so much fun for celebration. But, ice cream is a real temptation to kids.

Someone helps! I need to clean my mouth and hands immediately!

Well, this is messy! But definitely very lovely. And, it’s a great prove of how much this little cheeky loves ice cream! LOL! As mummy can only spot such mess while Elizabeth is eating ice cream. She hates to mess up herself. I know that!

Thus, mummy really got no heart to stop her from eating this icy cold thing.  After all, chocolate ice cream is really so yummy! Hahaha…..

But, you got to help yourself to stop the cough, baby. Just learn to limit yourself as you got that kick of eating this icy cold thing. Deal?


They are not so scary anymore

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 28, 2008

Last night, we went to a dinner. Daddy was the organizer. It’s the year end dinner for his unit. Elizabeth enjoyed it so much. Playing with candys. Thanks to the waiter who is so kind to give her whole cup of candys. Otherwise, she was crying beacuse of meeting so many strangers at one shot.

Last night was special for mommy and little Elizabeth. That’s the first time Elizabeth saw mommy holding the mic and Karaoke. Then, she laughed. It’s that cheeky smile. What’s that mean, baby? *Scratching my head*

It was also special as little Elizabeth finally playing with those gentlemen and ladies at the dinner. Hooray! They are not that scary, isn’t it?  You done well, baby! 😛

And, you dressed so nice. The dainty black and white dress is no more big but just fit now. Oh! How come mommy forget about taking pictures. Sorry! May be next time? :(

Now, shall we go shopping today? It’s the storewide grand sales of Gama Supermarket again. How about more dresses for CNY? 😉


She really has that Sporty Look

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 27, 2008

I doubt you know your 2nd birthday is only 1 week later. Somehow, mummy still remember you had a great time in last year’s party. So, don’t worry. You are going to have fun again in no time.

Mummy has yet to buy any book on cupcakes. Even the order of your birthday cake is not done yet. Nothing to worry. Everything will be on time and it has to be something you like. So, mummy decided to bring you along to choose the birthday cake on your own. How about that?  😛

Almost everything is her own choice now. She just know what to choose for herself. She chooses what she wants to eat, when she wants to sleep, which movie she wants to watch, who to accompany her, which book she wants to read and which toys she wants to play. And, I think I can trust her taste of preference even in terms of chioce of fashion.

LOL! Are you drawing or posting? Cool! Hahaha……


So… Do you like my style?

Look at my cheeky girl! She got her own sunglass and cap. She will wear them whenever she is going out. And never simply take them down anymore, not until she reached home again. Well! At least, the outcome is just as stylish as she thinks. So cute!  😆

Frankly, she is a sporty girl. And, she really has that sporty look. I am sure she will certainly looks fantastic in Berghaus Clothing when she grow up later. 😛

Daddy must be happy as that’s what daddy always wish for. LOL! But, mummy does not worry about Elizabeth either. She will not grow up to be unfeminine. As she also like scarfs and dresses so much. *Sigh*


Looking for Nursery

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 26, 2008


Wow! Riding on this baby elephant has so much fun! 😛

Come on, Baby Zebra! Smile… We’ve got a picture to take! 😉

I like this place. I think it’s a playground. There are many kiddie rides including giraffe. I really had fun. I enjoyed taking pictures with these wild animals too. Thanks to uncle Bill. But, we were there just for a while.

By the way, have you heard of Melody Kindyland? This is it. Mommy said there are many of them in Penang. Altogether about 9 to 10 branches. Mommy said we went there to check it out. It might be my new school. As this Melody Kindyland in Tanjong Bungah is spacious, colorful, clean and new.

However, mommy is worried that 5 days/week in school will be a bit tough for my little girl. So, most probably you will be going to Taska Lin. Mommy will let you start with 3 days/week first, then we shall see. Is it alright, Elizabeth? 😉


I just eat and sleep

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 25, 2008

Yesterday, we went to Tesco. She point to MILO and said: “Take! Take!”. Ok. Mummy take. She also started to fall in love with the Ceres Junior Juice that mummy picked for her while shopping in Tesco.

Besides, she actually carried 2 buckets of raisin to the caunter. Luckily she dropped one after mummy had enough persuasion. See… It’s all about food. Cute, aye? That’s toddler.

So, she will keep on playing after eating. Otherwise, just another nap. And, look at the way she sleep. Every style and any place.



Oh! This is so adorable! Despite the possible need for Fentraphen in the future. Hahaha……

The outcome is certain, if it’s always eat and sleep, right? Hahahaha……


Multiple Intelligence Game

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 24, 2008

Elizabeth really get lots of presents recently. May be it’s because of the Holiday Sales. But, partly also because mummy was amazed by her learning power now. Definitely, it’s the time to receive all information and skills. So, I keep buying books and educational toys or games for her. 😛

And, I strongly recommend this game for developing the kids multiple intelligence.

It’s colorful! Light! Innovative! As they are just pieces of spunge with thin magnet at the back. Then, magnet board is provided at one side of the file. There are doted pictures for beginner to practise in creating specific things with shapes in it. There are also many other examples in the instruction book. 

Elizabeth gets to learn colors, shapes, creative arts, geometry, and the use of magnet through this game set. This set is really very attractive for kids creativity development. 😉

Good to play together. Convenient to keep and easy to bring around. Guess how much it is? Only about RM25. In my opinion, this is so much beter than those heavy wooden toys.



That’s what I like

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 23, 2008

It’s just another Sunday. But, she enjoyed her music class so much today. She seems happy all day long. That’s encouraging! As usual, she will dance whenever she is feeling great. And, it becomes a special day for mummy when I get to see her dance. One of these days, I must record it down.

Just within 2 weeks, I realized her dancing skills improved a lot. More and more styles. And all are so cute! 😛 So, naturally mummy will thought of how well she will perform in the dancing class, on the stage and ultimately holding the Pinewood derby trophies . LOL!

Mummy is prepared to invest in her music lessons and dance class. It’s not about winning trophies. It’s because she is happy. And, helping her to strengthen her talent is the best way to build her confidence in herself and her future. That’s what I am concern. :)

By the way, eating has become very interesting to Elizabeth too, ever since she recovered from fever. Well! This is something mummy totally unprepared with. Somehow, she really can eat. And, there is really so much fun to see her doing so, especially when she said: “Mmm… Delicious!”. Hahaha…


Please don’t look

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 22, 2008

Mummy brought her to Nando’s today. We had our lunch there. Initially, she was happy. Not until a nice black lady who seated at our next table smile to her. Immediately, she cried out loud. Gosh! We were in the middle of Gurney Plaza. It was a bit embarrassing for mummy. Weren’t you, daddy? :(

This is what happened since last month. Little Elizabeth becomes so sensitive to strangers now. She will hide and close her eyes, then “Wa……” cry it out loud. SOS! Please don’t look into her eyes, dear strangers! Hahaha…….

When are you going to get over it, baby? They are just trying to be friendly. Are they really so scary? *Scratching head*


Mummy, mummy……

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 20, 2008

Mummy is so sick today. Terrible flu with aches and pains all over the body. It seems my body temperature is rising too. Can you help, Elizabeth?

Although my little girl has grown up a lot, but still she cannot understand that mummy actually needs some rest when I am sick. She just keep asking for mummy. She wants mummy to play with her. Read for her like usual. So sorry, baby.

Will you give up, baby? I guess she will never give up if “kakak” never came to entertain her. Looks like you have fantastic quality for sales or marketing jobs, baby. Like father like daughter. Tough and never give up! Hahahaha….

You are even tougher than mummy. You doesn’t seems as weak as mummy when you are sick. Strong Elizabeth but shameful mummy! Anyway, thanks to “kakak”.


WOW! Bumble Bees

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 19, 2008

Elizabeth actually can follow all the things taught in the Learning VCD quite well. In fact, the educational VCDs are still the most effective educational tools for her. Mummy feels so proud when I heard her says:”A…B…C… D… up to Z” and blue, red, purple, black plus all the other colors and things. So do daddy.

But, it’s been some time mummy never add in new VCDs. Since she is no longer baby, it’s time to buy some new learning VCDs for toddlers or kids. 😛

 And, these are what we get last Sunday. Four from the famous Bumble Bees. And, another one is modified dance music type of nursery rhythms called:” WOW!”. Mummy especially recommended the”Opposite” from Bumble Bees and “WOW!”


I am Improving

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 18, 2008

Mummy invited little Elizabeth to a ballet concert last Saturday. She did enjoyed the show. Somehow, it’s a bit tiring for her as she was still sick. So, she fall asleep half way. And, managed to catch up again before the show end. 😛

For sure, she is a dancing queen. In fact, dancing is an everyday routine for her. That’s good. After all, dancing is a fantastic natural fat burner for a chubby toddler like little Elizabeth. By the way, initially she learned to shake her body. Then, she was turning. Now, there are even simple steps included for the hands and legs.

How about that? Very sharp movement isn’t it? Opah, my dear! But, wait a minute. Are you trying to unbutton your pajamas? That’s not a good scone. Stop it! Is it because of the long sleeves? Is it too hot? Don’t worry! You have a nice fan now.

So cute, aye? There are “Pooh Pooh and Tiger”, one of my favorite cartoon! Thank you, Auntie. Mummy said, it’s a gift all the way from Singapore from daddy’s colleague. And, it just came in handy. Thank you so much. 😉


It’s time to cook

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 12, 2008

Mummy can see that she is more on outdoor activities. However, she loves cooking or serving food now. So, look what she got this morning.

Stove, pot, frying pan, rice cooker, microwave oven, pressure cooker, wok, knife, fork, spoon and others.

And, mummy feels like letting her play with the real rice, and vegetables instead of “plastic gourmet”. So, mummy started with some precook rice. Most probably there will be bread, carrot, cucumber, mushrooms and curry leaves to play with by tomorrow. 😛

But, that’s not enough. She has to learn about meat, chicken, eggs and so on. Somehow, I don’t think raw meats and eggs are appropriate toys. I am sorry, baby! We just skip that in your cooking class, ok? Have fun!

I think the rice is cooked. Ops… How come they still look the same? Hahahaha……

Mummy… Can you help me to fix the knob back to the cover? 😯


Let’s drive in the Pool

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 9, 2008

She misses “Gong Gong” and Poh Poh” so much, especially “Gong Gong”. She keep calling for them. However, my FIL got to work until 10 pm tonight. So, we canceled the plan to “Poh Poh” house. Now, both father and daughter were having sweet dreams.

I am sure later we will have somewhere to go. At the moment, mummy just want to write a few words and put up the lovely pictures that mummy just took for my little sweet heart before I catch up with my afternoon nap.  😛

 Hehehehe. I am riding on my new boat!

Fish! Fish! I have scooped a fish! Hahahaha…… ( Recently, she really have fun while teasing people. LOL!)

Oh! Mummy! The steering just can’t help to turn the boat around. Can you help? 😯

When mummy bought this new ladybird float which even has steering and horn yesterday, I thought it will bring a merrier swimming experience for little Elizabeth compared to her existing plain float. She just learn about “Boat”. So, this is like a boat to her. Moreover, there is a pulling rope. So, it’s also like kids wagons.

Now, look at this sweetie! She really have so much fun in the pool this morning. 😉


Her new Collection

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 7, 2008

Mummy feels so sorry for stop writing. So sorry that part of your story gone missing, my dear. Mummy will continue your story now. May be I will miss out some parts from time to time, but I will never stop writing until you can continue your story by your own. How about that? Ok? hehe……

Anyway, this is what she got yesterday night. Daddy immediately took us out to Starbucks right after he reached home from work. He mentioned about a beautiful bear sold in Starbucks before. Last night, he said: ” I want to get that bear for Elizabeth. Let’s go!” Huh? Since when a macho man cares about teddy bears, instead of cars, PDA, Hi Fi or home theater furniture? 😯

This is the one that makes daddy so excited. A cutie bear with reindeer coat. It’s Christmas special edition. There is male and female. Mummy like the female bear so much. Cause it has rosy chicks. So lovely! 😛

So, more bears. Almost no more space to store.

Grandma said: “Not again!”

Our maid said: ” It’s so expensive!”

I said: “It’s better to be books.”

But, daddy said: “She likes bears. So, I help her to make her collection.”

Then, mummy replied in my heart: “Thank you, daddy.”

Elizabeth, you are so lucky to have your dad as he really cares about your happiness. Your immediate enjoyment. Whereas, Mummy always think about her future. I think that’s just nice, isn’t it? You got all your present and future well taken care of then. Hahahaha…….


My New Shoes

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 2, 2008

Previously, Elizabeth always has one pair of walking shoes and one pair of sandals. That’s it! As babies will soon wear off their shoes. Probably within 3 to 4 months. So, not too many shoes. But, it has to be good one. :)

Somehow, It’ ain’t easy to find a pair of walking shoes that can match all dresses and pants. Mummy was lucky to get one of this shoes from Nike during last season. But, not this time. Also because as a growing up toddler, she needs other dainty shoes to match her princess style dresses. hehe……

So, I got her a pair of Nike sport shoes again. Same design as the old one, just different color. Then, World of Cartoon is on sale. There are nice shoes for little girls. Some lovely and very cute party shoes from Tenderly. Just like the doll’s shoes.

Fantastic, isn’t it? Mummy knows these party shoes has no lasting quality. But, still soft. And, lovely! 😉

By the way, each of them is in different size. The black Tenderly is size 6 (still very big), the white Tenderly is size 5 and the size for the baby blue Nike is 8C. But, she is wearing 6C now. So, it’s 2 size bigger? Yeah… the size 8C and size 6 are 2 size bigger than her actual size. Hahaha…… It’s just nice. Mummy can just keep it for CNY if they can’t fit her now. LOL!