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I love my Silly Man

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 10, 2011

I am always silly. Cause I like to be funny and silly like my silly dad. Yeah… I always call him silly man. Hahahaha………

But, I love him. He is always my favourite. I like him to brush teeth or watch all the new movie trailers in youtube together with me at night. I enjoyed all his silly performances specially dedicated to me.   :)

But, I got a problem.

When I was on my bed with mum few days back ……

Liz:”Mummy, I want daddy to sleep with me.”

Mum:”Go and call daddy come in then.”

Liz:”But he would never listen to me cause he is busy with his fish.”

Mum:”Give him some time then.”

Liz:”He won’t listen to me one. Always…… I ask him to stop smoking. Also he wouldn’t listen.”

Mum:”Yeah… Poor girl.”  Hahahahahahaha……….

My little princess is quite good at nagging, aye?  Hahahahahahaha………

Those really are the only 2 things that he won’t listen to you. He need to have his own time, honey. So is hard for him to sleep at the same hour with you. :)


Don’t walk. Run!

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 4, 2011

Last night, I fall down from my bicycle again. Looks like sooner the term life insurance rates might increase for those who always cycling too. LOL! Hahahahahaha………

By the way, my neck was hit by the handle of the bicycle. It turned so red and so pain! Thus, I cried out loud. Mummy and granny quickly ran to me. (Before that both of them were chit chatting)

Granny:”Are you ok, Liz?”

Mummy:”Where is the pain?”

Liz:”Here on my neck! Waaaaa……”

Mummy:”Oh…… Come! Mummy carry you.”

Liz:”I still want to cycle! Waaa…… But I want you and Mama to take care of me! Waaa…… I don’t want Ah Sue!”

Mummy:”Ok. Ok.”

Liz:”Ah Sue, I don’t want you! You didn’t take care of me! You walk so slowly behind. Run lah! Run!”

Mummy was laughing. As a matter of fact, she likes Kak Sue. Somehow, she made a smart move. She is right. Kak always walk so slow behind and can never walk faster or run a bit to follow closely while she was cycling.

That’s why she always fall when Kak Sue accompany her. Kak Sue’s lazy leg can hardly catch up whenever she was about to fall. LOL!


4 Years 3 Months Old

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 4, 2011

It’s your 4 years and 3 months old today. Mummy realized you got lots of changes in terms of your speech. It’s getting more challenging but interesting while talking to you. 😉

I remembered last Sunday we enjoyed ourselves eating ice cream at Haagen Dazs. Then, we went to Popular and wanted to get back to Haagen Dazs to buy a pint of ice cream again while we were on our way home.

Daddy:”Want to have more Haagen Dazs ice cream?”

Liz:”But we just ate this afternoon!”

Mummy:”We can still buy some and eat at home if we like.”

Liz:”Oh… So greedy!” Hahahahaha…… She is never a greedy eater. :)


The other day when mum mentioned about my extension of stay in Japan for 8 days instead of 6 days.

Liz:”Why 9 days? It’s too long.”

Mum:”So that I have more time to shop for your presents.”

Liz:”But, when it’s 6 days, you already said I can get lots of presents, right?”

Mum:”Just 2 more days, baby. Please…”

Liz:”If you go 8 days you can become Japan people already.”

Mum:”No! I don’t want to be a Japanese. I miss you. I promise I will come back.”

Liz:”Alright!” :(


Besides, there are lots of “Mum… You forgot to do this.” “Mum, you forgot to do that.” too. :)

Anyway, her reasoning is quite strong now. She can understand perfectly all the reasoning for things she had to do. Very matured. Thus, she is quite obedient. Of course, she tends to accept only truth and facts now. No more lies or cheats. 😛

She still loves books, computer games, watch TV and need lots of outing or sports. But, has no problem at all with writing exercise or some extra paper works at home.


I am working hard to make my own money

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 3, 2011


This cutie rabbit was a present from CNY Auntie Jen. It has Jellies in it was it first reached my hand. I was told that I can save coins in it once I finish the jellies. That’s a good idea! :)

So, I eagerly ate all the jellies. Then, I pour some coins of mine from my other coin boxes into it. Now, I was working so hard to earn my own money. I tried my best to complete all the works given by mum everyday.

I did lots of coloring, writing, maths equation, cut and paste, board games and so on since 2 days ago. It all began on the beginning of this march.What a great beginning! The harder I work, the more I earn. For the moment, it’s such an interesting game for me.

I am determined to fill up this rabbit as soon as possible. Ha! Last night, it was 2 twenty cents. The day before was a 50 cents. Mum was so surprise that I can work so hard for money in this age. But, I really enjoyed making my own money. :)

Keep it up, honey. I am sure one day you will get your Ferrari. Ha! Most importantly, this is an awesome way for you to learn how to save and work hard for your living. Thanks to Auntie Jen and this cute big rabbit coin box.  :)


I am a good reminder

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 3, 2011

We were shopping at Gurney Plaza on Monday. When mum was about to walk out from the door and want to go straight to the car park.

Liz:”Mum, you forgot to pay your parking ticket.” I reminded her in the nick of time. Clever aye? 😛


Mum promised to take me to the mini market to buy biscuits and chocolate for me on our way home from my school on Tuesday noon. Then, she straight away she drove home.

Liz:”Mum, I thought we are going to mini market?” I reminded her right in front of our gate before she managed to enter the house. No cheating, mum! Hahahahahaha………


As usual, mum was reading for me on the bed before I sleep last night. She was reading to me the words “choose, choosing and chose”. Then, she continued with the sentence.

Liz:”Mum, it’s chose. C…H…O…S…E, chose. See… choose is C…H…O…O…S…E. So, it’s choose, choosing and chose. Not choose choosing and choose, ok?”

Mum:”Oh! Did I say choose for chose just now? Not again! Sorry, baby. You are good.” :)

Yeah… I am good. That’s what I am good at — correcting mum’s, granny’s, daddy’s reading mistakes. Ha!

Also, don’t worry. I am sure I can take good care of you. Hahahahahaha………


I am a stunt girl

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 1, 2011

Great stunt, aye? I have done it on my motorbike too. It would be cool if I can do it on a horse too. It’s even better if I got equestrian clothing, then I can be a real cow girl, Yee…… Haa! 😛

Since last week, this was what happened every morning before she goes to school. When she was 3 years old, she loved to have a long walk before she goes to school. Now, It’s cycling. :)

She has no problem controlling the hand break now. She can stop the bicycle almost immediately. Somehow, she dare not cycle too fast as she learned that every fast turning will cause the bicycle tumbled around.

Also, she was extra careful while cycling beside daddy’s or mummy’s car as she was warned by mum when she accidentally scratched daddy’s and uncle ZY’s car last week.

This morning, she was asking for a bell to put on the bicycle. So that she can play pretend to be a mobile seller.

Mum:”That’s a good idea. We will buy 1 bell from the bicycle shop this weekend, ok?”Liz:”Hooray! Thanks, mum!’ 😉