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I want to be alive

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 21, 2011

Mummy realized my little girl can gives impressive answers nowadays.

Liz:”What is hell?”

Mummy:”Mmm… As mummy told you about heaven, heaven is a nice world after death with lots of happiness. That’s for all the people who do lots of good deed when they are alive. Whereas hell is the opposite of heaven. It’s a place where we stay after death if we were bad when we were alive. So, it’s full of suffering or punishments and lots of bad people. So do you want to go to hell or heaven?”

Liz:”Er… (with serious thinking look) I want to be alive.”

Wow! That’s absolutely a brilliant answer. 😛


Little Elizabeth had pulled out the key from the inside of the toilet door and stuck it in the outside key hole. Then, she was trying to lock the door of course.

Granny:”Don’t lock the door! Why you lock the door?”

Liz:”I just want to learn how to lock a door. I don’t know how yet.”

Granny:”Never ever try to lock the door as you might mistakenly lock yourself in a room and not able to come out if there is no one came to the rescue.”

Liz:”Look! I am not in the room now. But, you are. So, I am safe.” Hahahahahahaha…….

Granny just laughing out load once this answer came out of little Liz mouth. Cheeky girl! LOL!

Looks like you are quite quick minded; Logical as well.  May be you can be a great lawyer next time fighting for justice like those mesothelioma attorney. LOL!


Isabelle is in Penang

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 20, 2011

Thanks to Amy “Ku Ku” for giving me this fantastic make up set. I like it so much cause it’s Hello Kitty, my favourite! 😉

I enjoyed myself so much playing with Isabella and Justin when they came back to Penang 2 weeks ago. This time, we sing and dance together, playing with toys and forming band at home, playing at McD playground together, walking side by side and holding hands with Isabelle too.

Let’s rock and roll!

I showed Justin my leaves collection. :)

Isn’t that cool? That’s whole lots of fun! 😛


The problem of too much TV time

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 17, 2011

Mum blog less recently. Busy sending granny to check ups and injection. Also busy taking care of me. As Kak Sue has to take care of great grandma sometimes.

Since mum was so busy, I got an idea!

Liz:”Mum, may I watch cartoon, please?”

She said yes most of the time for the last 2 weeks. I just know when to ask. Clever aye? So I watch from 1 to 2 hours a day to almost the whole day. Hahahahahaha……

Then,I became too attached or content to cartoons or movies. I started to request to skip most of the extra learning classes which I actually showed great interest before this. I also refused to do the homework that mum prepared for me.

That’s the problem of being too content to TV show. Stop it!!!!!!!!

Less TV time now. Just cut down a little. May be 1 or 2 hours a day instead of almost the whole day, ok honey? It’s all for your own good.

And, please be more hard working. Don’t make it so big like your simple few lines writing, 1 or 2 sentences making or some fill in the blanks grammar practices are as tough as the course work for bs degree. :(


My boyfriend

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 15, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen,Let me introduce to you, my boyfriend!

How about that? Handsome aye? Like I said, he is handsome, intelligent and funny! Hahahahaha………

I like him since last year. And, we are still boyfriend and girlfriend till now. Loyal aye? Hahahahaha………

I am so excited when I get to ride behind him. That’s so romantic. LOL! 😉

By the way, that’s my motorbike. My cool motorbike. Mum bought it cash and it requires the cheapest auto insurance and road tax, which actually cost RM 0. Cool aye? That’s why he can only fetch me surrounding the front pathway of my house. Hahahahahaha………

He came to my house last Friday and we drink water together. We wrap present, play cooking and set up party together. We played for 2 hours. That’s awesome! When he leave, I cried out loud. I want to be with you, my dear! LOL! Hahahahahaha………


I like snowing

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 10, 2011

Mum feels so sorry that I blog less. Sorry, honey! I will try to catch up again. But I just won’t miss this.

You are so cute, so sweet and extremely lovely! I can never forget how much you love snowing and this icy cold environment. You were jumping for joy when you first stepped in. You also slide twice on the ice slide while wearing dress with bare legs. Yoo…Hoo!

Again, mum was so sorry that I let you wear dress in such a cold environment. You were shivering!

Mum:”Let’s go out, Liz. You are shivering badly.”

Liz:”No, mum! I am ok. I don’t want to go. This is so cool! I am ok.”

Mum and dad quickly ran out to the entrance to buy more accessories for you to cover your hands and neck. Still, it’s too cold for you without pants. So we were forced to leave earlier. So sorry!

I know you were upset. You absolutely wish to stay longer. I promised we will visit places during winter time later on. How about Korea? That’s the nearest that I can thought of. But I think dad can hardly say yes. He might prefer Switzerland I guess. :)


Disney on Ice 2011

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 4, 2011

Won’t you think you still look like a baby in this picture? So lovely!

Since you are still having your sweet dream, why not mummy continues writing. Hehe……

Well, we actually visited KL specially for Disney on Ice!

Initially, mummy thought Tinker Bell will be your favourite. But surprisingly, you cheered most for The Lion King. :)

As a matter of fact, Mickey is still your favourite. As you surely shout out loud for Mickey whenever it appeared in the ring. You even requested to get down and meet Mickey up close and personal at the end of the show. So daddy quickly carry you down. Unfortunately, Mickey had stepped back to the back stage once we reached the front the stage.  :(

Liz:”Why Mickey never wait for me?” (Oh No… You look so disappointed!)  *Sob Sob*

By the way, you were sitting on daddy’s lab from the beginning till the end of the show while mummy was busy video taping and snapping pictures by the side. See… Daddy spent half a thousand for the tickets, few hundreds for a nice hotel stay and drive all the way down to KL just to please his little princess.

What daddy was holding in his hand… That’s my tinker bell’s mug. Nice aye? 😉

Besides, daddy also spent quite a lot for your new Tinker Bell’s Mug, Ariel’s magic wand and The flower bloom hat before we enter the show. So please at least buy a personalized gift like those Personal Creations men’s gifts for him for every father’s day when you earn your own money, ok? Hahahaha…………

Lastly, it was such a wonderful moment for all 3 of us. Mummy and daddy love the Full Tinker Bell’s show. It was so colourful! Thus, it worth all the spending. And I know what’s next. For sure it will be Disneyland for you to meet all your favourite cartoon characters. 😉


I am Back from KL

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 4, 2011

We supposed to be at music class now. But, you were soundly asleep instead. May be you are too tired after our 2 days 1 night holiday trip to Kuala Lumpur. After all, travelling can be quite tiring for little one like you.  :)

Again, you enjoyed kiddie rides and the blow up playground at The Curve the most.

But, this time you also enjoyed yourself so much rolling around the mall by riding on your scooter. Frankly, mum enjoyed myself so much while watching you scoot around. That was so cool! Ha! 😛

Finally, you got your scooter. Thanks to granny for the scooter. You were so excited when you first get it. Somehow, you never ride on the scooter any more since yesterday. Hopefully, you are not losing interest on it in just a few days time. LOL!