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Curtains, Blinds or Shutters

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 14, 2008

Elizabeth likes to hide behind the curtains playing “Peekaboo” now. In fact, as long as she is having fun, I really don’t mind she hide under any cloth as long as it’s clean and safe. However, mummy wash the curtains a few months once. Thus, I don’t think they are clean.

Mummy hates washing the bulky curtains. As mummy need to climb up and down to take the curtains off and hang it on again after cleaning. The whole process is always a mess. And, it’s hard to find place to hang it till dry. But, mummy just won’t spend on a dryer just because of the curtains. In fact, mummy is thinking of changing it to country wood blinds.

It’s nice and it suits our overall home design which major in woods. Blinds are easy to clean. At least mummy don’t have to take it out and fix it again. Just fix it for once, then clean it by wiping it with wet clothes everyday. That’s practical and hygienic.

However, the blinds will slap on her face when she try to hide behind it. In this case, there is no point even if I choose the normal PVC blinds. Luckily, there is polywood shutters.

This real wood shutter looks great! It’s classic and neat, isn’t it? And, this shutter itself is a window. It’s not another piece of blind that we hang like the curtain. So, there is no space for Elizabeth to hide behind it. So, this is the best for us! 😛

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