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I don’t want to swim

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 24, 2008

Time flies. We are back from KL. And, mummy really have no regret to bring along my little princess. She was a very good girl for the past 2 days while she was in KL. Mummy is so proud of her. 😛

However, mummy just take a few shots. As mummy was too busy spending time carrying my baby all around. In fact, she became so clingy while we were in KL. She wanted mummy to carry her most of the time instead of daddy or kakak.

But, mummy loves to do that too. I am glad she was so happy throughout the journey, except the time daddy take her down to the hotel’s swimming pool.

What happened to Elizabeth? Only God knows! But, why daddy is fraunning too? Like daughter like father! hahaha…….

Anyone has any idea why does this happened? Not familiar with the pool? Too many strangers in it? She loves going into the pool so much when she was at home. Mummy and daddy was a bit disappointed to see her grumpy face at that moment as we expect she will love it. Thus, we even bring along the floats. :(

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