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Shopping Queen

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 18, 2008

Since Elizabeth has recovered from her flu, mummy wondered are we going to shopping again this weekend? Even if it’s a window shop, my little shopping queen just won’t mind too! 😛

Last Saturday, Elizabeth was enjoying herself at Gurney Plaza.

LOL! Are you stepping on someone’s eyes? Look down, girl! Didn’t you see that big eye? hahaha……

This is colorful. Lovely! “Mummy do you want to join me?” (Yeah… Thanks to MAC make up road show. This is one of the colorful bean bags placing on the floor of its booth.)

My girl is a shopping queen. She loves shopping. Almost every week she will at least get a chance to visit one of the shopping mall in Penang.

Mummy and daddy like to see my girl smile and laugh while hanging in the shopping mall. She became very excited and active as she entered the mall. May be there is always so many things to see and touch in the shopping mall.

After all, kids learn when they see something. Elizabeth got a chance to feel whatever she touch too! At least not as boring as reading ABC. 😉

  1. LZmommy Said,

    Like mummy like daughter :) I believe mummy is a shopping Queen too?

    Mummy ar? Window shop probably. It’s not that mummy don’t like shopping… Cannot spend! Stingy. hahaha…

    Mummy still shop a lot actually. But, mostly on food and baby stuffs. Especially toys. And, the money will flash off so soon, sometimes just within minutes. Exactly like flashing the toilet. So quick! 😥

  2. fannie Said,

    I believe she’ll make a great companion to Mommy as she grows! Shopping has been a girls’ fave hobby!

    Ya. Ya. That’s certain! Walking side by side, and look back together whenever we sees fine diamonds and beautiful dresses. And, “Wow”! That’s what you heard form both mummy and Elizabeth when we sees sky high prices! hahaha…

    Fun! Very Fun! 😛

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