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Elizabeth wants coins

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 15, 2008

My girl is interested with coins more than paper money. May be it’s more visible. Daddy always place the coins on mummy’s dressing table whenever he is at home. And, Elizabeth will try her best to reach them.

She will ask mummy to get her onto the bed. As the dressing table is placing side by side to the bed, she will lean on the table side as she climb up the bed. Then, she start looking for coins.

She knows that she is not allowed to pick up the coins. As mummy insists that coins are dirty. Still, she will stretch her hand out to reach the coins if she sees them. Toddlers just won’t follow instruction, don’t they? :roll:

May be daddy should put his remaining coins in some other places. Hide it. As she won’t look for it, if it is not seen. Mummy just want to make sure that she won’t fall from the bed again because of a few pennies. :(

Mummy is interested in coins too. But, not these pennies. I like US Mint Coins. That’s precious! Valuable! 😛

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