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I am tired, I need chair

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 16, 2008

I am quite tired today. No mood to laugh either. May be it’s because of the drops from my nose. That’s irritating! What to do? Just keep rubbing my nose. Gets off you sticky thing! :(

I keep sneezing too. That’s not fun at all! :(

Luckily I have the new rocking chair. At least I can lay down to watch TV in this tiring day. That’s better! Thanks, dad! :(

P/S: Sorry that the photos were so dark. As mummy forget to on flash light after turning it off to capture some food. 

  1. chanelwong Said,

    looks sooo comfy….
    now I know this is the right blog to view Elizabeth’s updates…I am having problem putting this blog into google reader…still trying..

    Yeah… hopefully you can successfully putting it into google reader. And, see you here more often. Anyway, I guess you are not the only one who are confuse with my blogs. May be I should advertise more in my blogspot about my other 2 blogs. 😛

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