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Good girl

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 17, 2008

Mummy absolutely believe that toddlers can be very understanding and tough. Mummy realized that as Elizabeth grow older, she becomes more understanding. And, she is definitely a tough girl since baby.

She always fall, but never cry for long. She did not cry and still playing happily even she is sick today. She even greets mummy with smile. Such a good girl! Somehow, she is very active.

She is busy playing with toys, hoping, dancing, climbing and running again after she took her medicine. That’s why mummy become so slim. But, it seems that my maid still need weight loss pills. LOL!

Obviously, she is over active but not hyperactive. At least, she don’t look sick anymore. That’s consoling! Overall, Elizabeth is a wonderful baby girl! Such a precious God’s gift for the family. 😛

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