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Special MILO

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 17, 2008

Elizabeth is sleeping soundly now. As she is sick, it will be helpful if she sleep more. Bare in mind that sleep is always the best medicine for flu. As we sleep, our body get a chance to heal itself.

Besides, mummy is feeding Elizabeth with warm water within these 2 days. Somehow, warm water can speed up the recovery of flu. Anyway, she just took her Piriton. I think that’s the cause of her sound sleep. 😉

It took mummy almost half of the day to think of how to feed her Piriton. She hates medicines. She will spit it up immediately whenever she was forced to take medicines. As a result, mummy make her a little bit of delicious Milo. However, that’s not the ordinary Milo. There is 3 ml of Piriton in it.

Somehow, she finished the Milo. You really like chocolate drinks, don’t you Lizzy? 😉

  1. GHorn Said,

    when my niece was admitted to hospital few yrs back, she refuse to take her medication. even both her parents cant get her to drink it. finally, me her favourite Ee Ee, held her head still and pumped the syrup into her mouth. she was screaming and starring at me. OMG, i thot she will hate me forever. but she was so cute, before i left, she even replied and said: “I love u” :-)
    “Me=Violent Ee Ee???”

    then my nephew, when he refuse to drink his medicine, even my mom mixed it into his milk bottle, i poured it into an empty Vitagen bottle and gave it to him. zuuupppp… he finished it up. the next round, i just pour only the medication (no more milk added) and he finished it up, so fast too. hahaha!! easily tricked.

  2. GHorn Said,

    btw, dont feed her w too much of sweet food or drink.
    lots of parents are not aware that milo, vico, ribena are not good for the teeth.
    especially if the child fall asleep w the milk bottle in her mouth, w the milo in it.
    goshhhh.. soon lots of rotten teeth will be seen…”milk bottle caries”!!!
    best is the rinse the mouth w some plain water, after taking it.
    my niece and nephews have th habit, but now that they r bigger, they will start to refuse the plain water, or just take a small sip only

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