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She is looking for cats

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 8, 2008

Elizabeth always follow mummy to buy fish at the roadside now. It’s the Malay fish mongers that set up the stall at the roadside. Mummy like this place as the fish is fresh. However, that’s not the aim of chicky Elizabeth.

Of course, Elizabeth likes to have a look at the fish and prawns at the stall, especially the crabs. Somehow, she loves the cats that always hanging around that place (usually at the other side of the fence) more than anything else.

Basically, Elizabeth is a typical animal lover. At the moment, cats, dogs and monkeys seems to be her favorite. But, we only have dog at home. May be it’s time for mummy to set up a cat condo in the house. The cat should be safe as our fierce Harry (the dog) is living outdoor. 😛

  1. huisia Said,

    wow, the fish stall has so many types of seafood..some more it is located at roadside

    Ya. The point is… they are all very fresh! hehe…

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