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Let’s swing together

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 9, 2008

Elizabeth is crazy over swing nowadays. So, mummy plan to take her to the play ground which located opposite our house tomorrow. In fact, my mum had brought her there more than once. According to her granny, she loves that place.

She loves the swings and the dogs there. Mother’s day is around the corner. It is not important weather there is expensive gift or not. As long as the whole family enjoy ourselves in this specially day. That’s good enough. Laughter is the most precious gift indeed.

And, little Elizabeth is the limelight in the family now. As she laughs, everyone in the family will laugh together too. So, let’s have fun in the playground! May be mummy should buy a hammock chair and place it at home later.

A hammock chair is much more comfortable than a swing. Elizabeth might be dreaming for it. Even Elizabeth’s great granny can sit on it and have fun. In fact, mummy miss swing too! 😛

  1. LZmommy Said,


    Thank you, my dear! 😛

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