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Daddy is home

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 14, 2008

Daddy came back earlier just now at about 6.30pm. But, he went out for appointment again after taking his bath. That’s daddy! Always busy working. In fact, mummy and Elizabeth don’t expect daddy to come home so early. At least daddy had spend some wonderful time with Elizabeth in the garden just now. That’s rare and precious! 😛

Sometimes, parents and their kids have strong connection. Daddy came home at the right time. It seems he knows his daughter was sick. That’s amazing! Basically, daddy seems busy even at home.

However, I believe baby Elizabeth can understand her daddy well when she grow up later. After all, no one is perfect, girl! But, daddy loves you so much. He actually work so hard for the money that you spend so easily. 😛

Don’t worry, daddy. Even not this father’s day, I believe Elizabeth will show her appreciation in the future. There will be time your little princess buy her daddy the patek philippe watch as father’s day gift. Wow! That sounds great, isn’t it? May be 30 years later? Just be patient, ok? hahaha……

We as parents will always give our children unconditional love. Somehow, different people will show their love in different ways. Mummy choose to scarify my work to take care of Elizabeth at home. In this case, daddy will have to work hard for our living. 😛

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