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Another NBA fans

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 18, 2008

Mummy’s girl is a very sporty girl. Thus, she loves cycling, swimming and especially likes to play with balls. Besides, she just can’t stop running here and there. 😛

Basically, she can kick the ball with her own 2 feet now. And, she is certainly good at throwing the ball away. She even watches basketball games together with daddy. So sweet!

Surprisingly, she will shout out loud “throw”, as she gets excited with the games. At the same time, she will swing mostly her right hand out and bend down her body a bit. Looks like she is playing in the game too. She really is a great actress, isn’t she? 😉

Basically, mummy feels so warm to see baby Elizabeth can share the same interest with her dad. In the future, may be Elizabeth will even buy the Miami Heat tickets for both daddy and herself! So that they can both enjoy the NBA live together. 😆

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