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Carry me

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 19, 2008

Elizabeth was sick since the last 2 nights. Mummy get so mad at her the night before last night. Daddy can’t stand her as well. She was crying non stop unless we carry her. We were so sleepy.

What’s wrong with you, baby? Why can’t you sleep on the bed? Please, baby! 😥

End up, mummy got to pass her to the maid around 4pm. That’s daddy’s limit. He just can’t stay up anymore. Daddy was the one who was carrying her that night. Mummy were too tired as mummy can’t sleep at all at the previous night. Not because daddy was not around. It’s because of the itchiness of the allergic reaction.

Mummy felt so sorry the next morning. Baby Lizzy was not naughty. She was sick. She had fever. Sleepy mummy become so careless. How come I don’t even suspect anything? :roll:

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