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I need skin care

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 20, 2008

Little Elizabeth really likes to play. And, she is always funny!

Sometimes, anything can be a toy to a toddler. Elizabeth likes to play with mummy’s skin care set. she actually applied some of mummy’s whitening body lotion on her face this morning.

Mummy was shock to see her doing that. I thought she still don’t know how to take off the cover. Somehow, she made me laugh! Her face was full of cream and she just don’t know how to spread and rub it. She just let it be instead. She is more like a clown at that time! 😆

Anyway, luckily it’s not acne treatments. As It is good for pimple skin, but definitely too strong for baby skin. At least body lotion is mild. So, should mummy spare baby lotion specially for her to apply?

It’s better to make sure she can never reached all my skin care set anymore.

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