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Simple and Nice

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 20, 2008



“Mother Care” is on Sale. These 3 shirts are all from “Mother Care”. Simple and Nice! Total costs RM 79.90. They are the pack of 3. Thus, all same design but different colors. Like them? Mummy likes the red one. Elizabeth always look brighter in red. 😛

“Mother Care” attires always come in pack. Usually, there are 2 or 3 pieces per pack. In a pack, the shirts or pants will look alike in design. Only the color is different. Of course, there is also single piece. Somehow, single piece is always more expensive.

Frankly, I used to think “Mother Care” is quite expensive. In fact, it might not. As it is very lasting. And, the cutting is fantastic too! I especially like to buy it’s shirts and pants which in packs. The price is reasonable and the quality certainly proved that it worth more than its price. 😛

Anyway, the dresses in “Mother Care” are still quite expensive to me. Thus, Elizabeth still don’t have any dress from “Mother Care” until now. LOL! *Stingy Mummy* 😛

  1. chanelwong Said,

    it is not only nice but looks comfortable///

    Certainly. 😛

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