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Let’s exercise together

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 23, 2008

I guess if we can start exercise since toddler, our figure will certainly looks fit and in good shape. Our body should be healthier too. So, let’s start exercise, little princess! 😛

It looks like little Elizabeth is more on playing rather than exercising. hahaha…

We should trained our baby start exercise since young (may be around 18 months). May be they are not doing all the stretch properly. At least they stretch. And, we as parents can build their interest on sports if we get them involved since young.

Mummy really don’t want little Elizabeth to be like me. I am such an idiot in terms of sports. May be mummy might need legal steroids, if I want to build up my body now. LOL!

Mummy really have to set a good example from now. Luckily, there is still daddy. Elizabeth can actually watch basketball games and play balls with daddy. 😛

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