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Coco Crunch Breakfast

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 27, 2008

What does your baby eat for breakfast? Usually, babies love cereals. Elizabeth stop taking powder form baby cereals long ago. She is taking coco crunch now. My little princess loves chocolate taste! 😛

I bought her the tiny Milo chocolate cereal balls. And, my maid will add in some milk and feed this little baby half bowl of it in the morning as breakfast. Not every morning though. Sometimes, it’s biscuits or breads. 😛

In fact, Elizabeth has started to feed herself. Sometimes, these tiny cereal balls just slipped off form the spoon. She missed them! But, she will keep scooping. Quite a persistent girl! 😛

Roar… I got you all in my mouth now! hahaha……

No coco cereals this time? Never mind. I will take the milk first! 😛

Slowly, as these are the last 2 left. 😉

Looks like little Elizabeth also need a baby chair and baby table, daddy. So that she can have breakfast properly on the table.

  1. Wonderful Life Said,

    Wow! She’s such a cutie & smart little girl! Bravo for self feed!!

    Yeah… once she can feed herself properly, Mummy has less job to do. How nice! 😛

    Welcome to “I am Elizabeth”. :)

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