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Now I like it, later I don’t

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 29, 2008

I just feed Elizabeth pizza again around 9 pm. I thought I just mentioned that little Elizabeth started to like pizza now. However, She never says Mmm just now. She even spitted it out after the first 2 bites. How could this happened? Both the pizzas don’t really taste that different! 😯

Mummy is curious. Could it be the difference of environment? Will baby changes their preference of food as environment changes? I mean may be Elizabeth loves that “PizzaRUs”. As she enjoyed the environment, she has better appetite and showed better appreciation on the food there.

Mummy assumed it’s possible as my baby showed different attitudes towards different places. Her mood changes as the environment changes. For example, she was so happy whenever she visited Rasa Sayang Resort. In opposition, she will show her grumpy face immediately after she entered the wet market. hahaha……

By the way, she really had an enjoyable time at “PizzaRUs”. I think that’s the real reason why she praised the pizza! 😛

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