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No more Biting your own Foot

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 31, 2008

Mummy is proud that Elizabeth can dance well. And, she is kind of creative, friendly, and funny. That’s lovely! However, human being just can’t be perfect. Elizabeth started exhibiting certain bad habits.

Nowadays, She scratches people on the face. She might slap people on the face too. Also, she will show her temper by shouting or crying, then rolling on the floor. Most surprisingly, sometimes she will bites her own hand and fingers or foot and toes out of a sudden, when she get mad. She will did the same thing when she is bored. 😥

Frankly, this habit is a little bit insane for mummy. Why are you biting your own foot, baby? That’s disgusting! Mummy thought you are quite vain. Don’t you know that once people see you biting your own foot, you just won’t look great anymore even if you put on sexy costumes. :(

Mummy really got to think of a way to stop little Elizabeth from biting her fingers or toes! :roll:

  1. GHorn Said,

    once, i heard the elderly said: apply some pedas or bitter thing at their toe or finger tip. after a few time of biting and ends up w horrible taste. they will stop doing it. well, kesian them la, but kids.. diff to break their habit, unless u scare them. they r too young to understand u reasoning… unless vanity is a big deal for them.. then it will works. :-) My niece will stop doing if we tell her, aiya… u no more look like a beautiful princess, but an ugly duckling!! haha!!

    btw, need ur info. commented here : http://everydaylizzy.com/?p=136#comment-217

    No chilies. But, she is absolutely vain. Thus, the ugly duckling idea might works. Thanks. :)
    I have leave my comment. Check it out! 😛

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