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What I did last weekend

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 29, 2008

It’s raining now! I guess we just have to cancel the plan of visiting the bookshop. Are you disappointed, baby? How about just wait and see how’s the weather later?

Anyway, mummy can assure you that daddy will surely take us out tomorrow. Where do you want to go? Haagen Daz? You really loves Haagen Daz ice cream, don’t you? The one and only one ice cream that you will ask for more. That’s expensive taste! LOL!

Oh! So delicious! Mummy loves Haagen Daz too. But, that was last week program. No more ice cream this week. How about washing cars together with daddy and mummy? That’s your favorite too. But, are you truly like cars and car parts like daddy?

“Soap, bubbles and water! That’s precious, Mi!”

Alright. Just make sure you don’t put the bubbles in your mouth, deal? 😛

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