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I am going into the water

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 21, 2008

Last Saturday and Sunday, daddy bring us all to the beach again. Mummy thought Elizabeth will still be uneasy with the sand. Still, I try to let her wear slippers. Just feel the sand. It’s ok.

Wow… It’s a bit shaky! 😯


“Daddy! I am coming!”



“Let’s work together, dad! But, my tools are too small!”

“Alright! We will come to you. Just stay there, baby!”

That’s too deep for a first timer. *sigh*



Have daddy’s tool. Just “work” here. It would fun! hehe……

“Don’t go, dad!” “Ok. Bye, dad!” :(



Now I need milk. Let’s go home, daddy. Hahahaha……

“What? I am still a baby, ok?” Yeah… Hahahaha……


Surprise! Surprise! My little princess has grown up to be so sporty and proved me so wrong. 😛

I guess little Liz really had enough exposure at her age now. Mummy and daddy keep bringing you out since you are 3 weeks old. To fulfill your curiosity and give you a warm welcome to this wonderful world. Hoping you can learn through observation. Feel safe, excited and happy! Well! At least, you learn how to enjoy and blend well to every places mummy and daddy bring you to now. We all did a good job! So, keep going! Hahahaha……

By the way, I guess we are still going to the beach this weekend. Daddy is definitely going to carry on catching claims. But, mummy got a new job for you, baby! 😉

  1. zara's mama Said,

    She looks happy to be in the water. Not afraid of the waves too?

    Yeah… very brave, aye? Sometimes, I even think she has special bonding with the nature. She even show no fear to the big and wild lion. She is truly a naturalist I guess

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