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My own Bag and Purse

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 22, 2008

Mummy still remember the time when I first carry a school bag to school. That was about 20 years ago when I entered primary school. That’s also the time I started to bring along my purse which always has some money in it, for the meal during recess time and junks. 😉

A small red Winnie the Pooh bag. The size which is just nice for a 2 years old girl. That’s the first birthday present from uncle Bill. Nice aye? We have keep it for almost a year. It’s time to use it. Elizabeth is so happy to carry it around. I guess it’s because she saw it in the kids show. May be also because she saw each of her classmates in music circle has a bag of themselves. 😛

I also want a purse! Daddy got wallet. Uncle Bill has it too. So do granny and mummy. Now, Elizabeth must has one too. As you wish, my dear!

A pink Mickey and Minnie kid’s purse. We bought it in the market this morning. Just for fun as it’s only RM 5. Now you have yours! Hopefully, this little naughty will stop digging all the purses and wallets that belong to all the family members. LOL!

“How about a camera, mummy?”

Oh! Mummy almost forget that you start taking pictures, my drama queen. Alright. What camera do you like? Canon camera? No problem. Mummy will get one for you 5 years later. For the moment, it should be toy camera. It’s a good deal, isn’t it? Hahahaha……

  1. zara's mama Said,

    does she know how to take care or not?
    Mine.. want.. but don’t know how to care for it..

    Same here. She will certainly remember to bring along her soft toys, when she gets down from the car. But, not the bag and purse. hehe…

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