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My 2 new Buddy

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 28, 2008

So, how’s Elizabeth Deepavali? It’s wonderful! As she has her daddy playing with her all the time for 3 days long. That’s precious! And, mummy can clearly see that she became so clingy to daddy during the past 3 days. On the other hand, mummy is always consoled as I see both father and daughter were so click. 😛

Even though nothing much. No far away traveling. Just shopping, hi tea, and going back to grandmother’s house. All done in the same old town where we are living. But, she gets presents. This soft toys queen were so happy to get one new white bear from Coffee Bean and one new pink dog from a soft toys shop.

Hug Hug, Bear Bear! And, Thanks to daddy, I like the white bear bear so much! Also, thanks to “Poh Poh”. Thanks for buying me this “Pinky” while I am crying for it. Love ya! 😉

Come, Pinky! Sit with me.

Oh! Good Girl! 😛

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