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Posted by Everyday Healy on October 30, 2008

Did I told you that this girl started to sing? Thanks to Giselle — her favorite movie character. And, she is learning so hard to sing the songs “That’s how you know” and “True love’s kiss”. Does that sounds familiar to you? It’s all from the movie — Enchanted.

So, when mummy sing “Just find who you love and …”. she will continue with “true love’s kiss”. 😛

And, just say “How? How?”, if you want to hear little Elizabeth sings “How does she knows…” Yeah… only 4 words at this moment. But, that’s a really good beginning! Wonderful! Little Elizabeth will even dance along while enjoying this movie and all these songs. She especially like to imitate all the actions in “Happy working song”!

Oh! Like mother like daughter. Another fans of musicals. Lovely!hehe……

Because of this movie, she has developed an interest in ballroom dancing too. She really enjoy mummy turning her around. So cute! 😉

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