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I am Improving

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 18, 2008

Mummy invited little Elizabeth to a ballet concert last Saturday. She did enjoyed the show. Somehow, it’s a bit tiring for her as she was still sick. So, she fall asleep half way. And, managed to catch up again before the show end. 😛

For sure, she is a dancing queen. In fact, dancing is an everyday routine for her. That’s good. After all, dancing is a fantastic natural fat burner for a chubby toddler like little Elizabeth. By the way, initially she learned to shake her body. Then, she was turning. Now, there are even simple steps included for the hands and legs.

How about that? Very sharp movement isn’t it? Opah, my dear! But, wait a minute. Are you trying to unbutton your pajamas? That’s not a good scone. Stop it! Is it because of the long sleeves? Is it too hot? Don’t worry! You have a nice fan now.

So cute, aye? There are “Pooh Pooh and Tiger”, one of my favorite cartoon! Thank you, Auntie. Mummy said, it’s a gift all the way from Singapore from daddy’s colleague. And, it just came in handy. Thank you so much. 😉

  1. Ang Said,

    hello, we are jie jie not antie lah….

    Ok. Ok. Jie Jie! “Leng Lui” Jie Jie, ok? 😛

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