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Posted by Everyday Healy on November 23, 2008

It’s just another Sunday. But, she enjoyed her music class so much today. She seems happy all day long. That’s encouraging! As usual, she will dance whenever she is feeling great. And, it becomes a special day for mummy when I get to see her dance. One of these days, I must record it down.

Just within 2 weeks, I realized her dancing skills improved a lot. More and more styles. And all are so cute! 😛 So, naturally mummy will thought of how well she will perform in the dancing class, on the stage and ultimately holding the Pinewood derby trophies . LOL!

Mummy is prepared to invest in her music lessons and dance class. It’s not about winning trophies. It’s because she is happy. And, helping her to strengthen her talent is the best way to build her confidence in herself and her future. That’s what I am concern. :)

By the way, eating has become very interesting to Elizabeth too, ever since she recovered from fever. Well! This is something mummy totally unprepared with. Somehow, she really can eat. And, there is really so much fun to see her doing so, especially when she said: “Mmm… Delicious!”. Hahaha…

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