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Food poisoning and Diarrhea

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 30, 2007

This is what happened last Saturday. I had a bad weekend. I can’t go shopping as I might crate a mess to mummy once I poop again. Yeah… I poop 5 times in a day on last Saturday. Thus, the only place I hang out to is hospital. So sad that I only spend my wonderful weekend in that hateful GMC with all the nurses and doctors. And, worst still mummy keep feeding me some orange like but salty drink once I am back from there. Must be medicine, I guess. See… that’s why I hate hospital. :sad:

Anyway, I have no diarrhea anymore the next day. Is just that mum still don’t take me out for dinner because doctor said my sickness should be cause by food poisoning. to simplified it, I ate something dirty. And, I get really irritated these few days as mummy had cut down my milk supply. I only had one bottle ( 5 oz) of milk per day for almost 3 days, only porridge and cereals is allowed. Mummy…… when can I have more milk? :sad:

Oh! Poor little Elizabeth. The reason why you have to stop drinking too much of milk is because too much of oily stuffs will persist your diarrhea. So, to make sure you can recover in the fastest manner, you got to stop drinking milk. (That’s oily, very oily indeed).

Anyway, you can continue your normal milk intake this evening if there is no sign of diarrhea in another few hours later. You are free! “Hooray!Love you, mum!” 😛

See… why mum was so worried until she has to bring my poop to the hospital to show my paediatrician? Simple. My condition is quite critical. My diarrhea got blood. My paed even ask my to snap a pic to show him. I’ll show you, k? LOL! What a professional paed! 😛

Mummy will further explain what is so dangerous about diarrhea with blood tomorrow, k? Chao!

  1. Jo-N Said,

    Hope she gets well soon.

    Thanks for your concern,Auntie. *hug* *hug*
    I can drink milk milk already. Everything is just fine…

  2. anggie Said,

    aiyo… lil lizzy, u been fall sick recently lei …. must ask mummy to take k u well ok ? see.. u so thin already la…. aunty sun tong wan lei … *-*
    Kiss and hug to u lizzy.

    Huh? Did I get thinner? Er… Doc just weigh, still the same lah, Auntie Anggie. Anyway, I am perfectly fine now. In fact that diarrhea only last one day. *Hug* *Hug*😛

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