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I got Lunch Boxes now

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 8, 2009

She got 2 new lunch boxes since Monday. And, she was so excited when she first took over it from mummy’s hand. The lunch box is simple. But has all the tasty food that she loves including Baskin Robin, McD ice cream, burger and french fries, pizza, sandwiches, Coca-cola, bread and hot dog.

Mmm… so yummy! She just keep biting, chewing, drinking and licking them everyday. Luckily they are not real food. Otherwise, it’s certain that she will need rapid weight loss pill . Hahaha……

These rubber food is so tiny and cute. Elizabeth really enjoy playing with them. And, that  lovely biting look, drinking sound, and licking style is certainly memorable! đŸ˜›

Anyway, we can actually split them out into pieces then fix it back in a whole again. Fantastic mechanism. What a rare and precious toys! Besides, they can still also turn to decorative items when this little girl no longer likes to play with them. Hehe……

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