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1st day in School

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 15, 2009

she is perfectly ok in her new school this morning, all by herself. Even though it is a totally new environment for her. Very good girl! Mummy is so proud of you, baby! 😛

This seems impossible, right? Thanks to the 2 weeks right brain development holiday program which lets mummy stick with her in the class for the past 2 weeks. That’s the trick which raised her confidence in schooling I guess.

The right brain development holiday program which actually organized by her music school finally ended last Friday. As you can see from the picture above, this little girl enjoyed the SI moments so much. Little Elizabeth just won’t mind sweating a lot. Those crawling, jumping, bouncing and walking really make her happier.

Just the opposite from mummy. Mummy would rather let a massage chair to do the work outs. And, has always think of the best diet pills first, if anyone around mentioned about loosing weight. Hahahaha……. You are a real heroin of mine, baby! 😉

By the way, little Lizzy also benefited a lot from the “find the difference” sessions and speed flashing.  So, mummy and Elizabeth will join this program together again in July. 😛

And, mummy is kind of confident that baby will like this new school as much as her music class. As mummy can see that she likes the teachers here. At least you talked to them. In fact, mummy like their smiles too. 😛

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