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2nd Day in School

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 17, 2009

She said:” Let’s go!”. And happily went into the car with smile. But, as mummy trying to leave her after she took out her shoes and walked into the class, she cried.  God bless! As it only last for less than 3 minutes.

Then, mummy called the principle in between the school hours.

“She is running happily in the playground now. But before that, she was looking for mummy. Every now and then, there will be:”Where is mummy?”. But, she seems ok. As she will stopped crying and listened to teacher’s explanation. Just she will still ask for mummy after that. I think she can take it. She seems understand. I think it’s ok to let her stay until 12 noon.”

Alright! So, mummy picked her up at 12 noon. She cried immediately when she saw mummy. But, stop crying once mummy carry her. :)

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