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Innertalk for Elizabeth

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 19, 2009


These “Whole Brain Audio Subliminal Method” which carry the title of  “Successful Child” and “Genius Power” are from Innertalk. They are specially bought for my little princess.

So that good affirmations such as “I am happy”, ” I enjoy school”, “I am a good student”, “I like people”, “I can concentrate easily”, ” I learn easily”, “I do my best” , “I make friends easily”, “I am patient”, “I am attentive” from the title “Successful Child” will be input for little Elizabeth subconsciously and will help her to like her school life.

Just like an insurance. But, not the ordinary life or business insurance. It’s for her happy life, be it in school or at home with positive thoughts and attitudes. What do you think? After all, mummy really believe in the power of subconscious brain. It’s absolutely worth trying.

By the way, she started using it since Sunday. Nothing great has yet to be seen. Of course, mummy understand that this products need time to work well. So, just have faith. Wait and see. :)

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