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8th Day in School

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 24, 2009

Today is already her 8th day in school. She will keep shouting “Kakak… Kakak…” as kakak drop her in the car before we depart to school. Sometimes, she cried for daddy. But, it’s still “mummy… mummy…” after the car has moved. Hahaha……

Mummy knew she enjoyed schooling. As she never cry after school. Sh eonly cry for less than 2 minutes after she thought mummy has left. She is expecting to eat breakfast in school. She will tell what’s she doing in school. She will hums the songs she learn in school. She even take the lead to kiss her class teacher last Friday. 😛

Most importantly, she is getting less and less tantrum after school. Never have nightmares about school anymore. *Sigh* And, what did she learn in school? At least, she will let us tie her hair after the teacher did once. And, she started to tell before she “wee wee”. Not all the time, but more frequent.

However, she still don’t like to take out her shoes by herself. Well, this should be the consequences of having a maid to take care of the little ones all the time. :(

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