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Posted by Everyday Healy on June 30, 2009

How about that? Cute aye? Cause that’s her favorite lesson — “Kinder Beat”. She called it “music class”.

Frankly, this lesson is not cheap.So let’s see weather it’s worth it or not.

Wow! That’s full involvement. And, she is very sharp in term of catching the rhythm, following all the movement very well. Thus, very worthy. :)

On the other hand, every time before we depart to her kindy, she will says: “Don’t want to go to school. I want to go music class. However, she is happily waving goodbye and surely got lots to tell at the moment she leaves the school. Hahaha……

And, that’s where she learn to socialize. Before she goes to school, mummy always see the message of “Don’t talk to me” from her face, when the aunties (other parents) in the music class try to talk to her. Totally unfriendly to strangers.

But, she was far too willing to chit chat with almost every aunties in the class this past Sunday. What a big step! Just 2 weeks in school, she becomes so much friendlier. Looks like she benefited from both places. 😛

  1. anggie Said,

    glad she is learning very well ….

    Yeah… Thank God. Hopefully, she will soon learn to be obedient too. Hehe……

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