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My New White Sandals

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 15, 2009

Her sandals is getting small. Nope. It’s her feet that growing big. 😉

Headache! It ain’t easy to find something comfortable and nice.:(

But, I found this pair of sandals in the night market last night. Not as soft as the previous one. But, still quite soft. Moreover, it’s white! Mummy and daddy’s favorite color for wearings. And, it’s not common in kids’ sandals. Yet got butterfly and seahorse. Simply cute and nice! The universe must have heard mummy. Hahahahaha………

Most importantly……

Mummy:”Do you like it?”

Elizabeth: “Mm! (means Yes)”

That’s great! Hopefully, it is as comfortable as Naot shoes. And, thank you for paying, dad! 😉

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