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Posted by Everyday Healy on July 23, 2009

Something cute from school. In fact, she has learned so many songs from school including some Chinese and Malay songs. Mummy is glad that she get the chance to sing in school everyday. As this little singer really loves to sing. Sometimes, she even makes mummy believes that she is born to sing and dance. Really! She is quite a brilliant performer.

But, when daddy played the performance of the little 6 years old — Connie from UK Talent Show…

Mummy:” Do you want to be on stage and sing like this clever “Jie Jie”?

Liz:” No! So many people. So scary!”

Hahahahaha…… Look like this little girl got stage fright. 😛

In this case, will she actually get mad with mummy when she realized that with the help of seo expert services, all her videos and pictures is being widely spread among the public too? Er…baby, do you mind? 😯

  1. Paik Ling Said,

    How cute!!

    Thanks, Auntie! Next time I will sing MJ songs for you, k? 😉

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