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My first Award here

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 18, 2007

See baby, your blog has been awarded. I wondered how you feel when you see this many years later. Would you feel happy as your blog has become Blog of the Month. Somehow, your mummy is so proud of you. This is the first award for your blog! Cool, aye? Yippie! Hopefully there are more coming. You just got to work a little bit harder for that! So, please do your duty well. Post nicely every time mummy give you a shot, alright? 😉

Most importantly, you got to thank your Auntie Anggie for passing this award to you, my dear! May be a great big hug for her? Plus a kiss? So… Auntie Anggie, *Hug* *Hug* and *Muaks*! 😛

Finally, mummy will pass this award to your little friends now, ok?

And, this award goes to….

1) Zara And Zaria

2) Kieran and Kelly

3) Iris and Ian

  1. wen Said,

    gee.. thks!! didnt expect anything la…tq tq tq…

    No problem! we are all mummies gang mah! 😆

  2. huisia Said,

    oh..now only i know you have paid domain especially for your girl :)
    will visit more to here..

    Thanks for your support, HuiSia “ah Yee”. Mummy afraids that sponsored domain might not have enough space to store my pics for many years till I am big. Thus, she bought this sites for me! Anything for Elizabeth, it’s always worth it.😉

  3. JO-N Said,

    Congrats on your first award, girl.

    😛 *clap* *clap*

  4. anggie Said,

    tqtq so much for all the kisses and hugs ….

    oh! More kisses and hugs then! *Hug* *hug* *muakssss* 😉

  5. call me ling Said,

    hey, lord of the ring fan! :)

    u have a nice skin and song too! and wow … Elizabeth has been awarded blog of the month. that’s cool.

    do drop by my blog again. see ya around :)

    I will be around. Always… may be just a bit slow. 😛

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