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This little Penguin is my new friend now

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 17, 2009

Even though she had recovered. But, still got some phlegm. So, mummy still keep this little precious at home. No school. No extra music lesson and so on. But, we still go shopping. LOL!

And look what we have bought.


This little Penguin is my new friend now! 😉Daddy:” See… it’s blue. Blue is for boy. So it’s mine.”

Liz:” No! It’s mine. It’s a girl!” ( Alright! You mean it’s for girl, right? Hahahaha……)

Strange! Little Elizabeth always prefers one of her milk bottle which is pink. She would demand for “pink milk milk”. However, she picked blue instead of pink for this penguin bottle. 😯

In fact, this is already the 4th water container mummy bought for her as a replacement for her milk bottle. She finally agreed to drink her Ribena using water container now. No more milk bottle. Thanks to this little Penguin from Puku Petit. In fact, she had requested to bring this penguin to school this morning. Sure! Just that you are not going to school yet, my dear. Hahahaha……

See… other than things like education saving plan or term life insurance which the little ones don’t really interested, she actually decides everything on her own. :)

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