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Posted by Everyday Healy on August 30, 2009

Daddy has another day off this weekend. As 31th is our National day. Frankly, mummy never plan anything in advanced. As daddy is always very busy during the last quarter of the year. :(

Well, no big deal. We might not have a vacation far away. But, we can absolutely have fun locally in Penang.  So… Let’s try out the Adventure Zone! 😉

First, she slide down with her new friends whom she met there. This “Jie Jie” is so kind. And, other “Ko Ko”, “Jie Jie” think she is so cool too! Yeah… you really are. So brave! Truly unbelievable! It’s good to be brave, but mummy is kind of breathless when I first saw you coming down from this high, long slide. How about sliding down with daddy?

Hooray! I can slide with daddy! This time I can even let go and put my hands high up in the air. Cool! Yeah… Sounds so clever, aye? :roll:

Obviously, the Adventure Zone in Golden Sand  Hotel and Resort is just as great as the Branson vacations for this little adventurous baby. 😛

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