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Posted by Everyday Healy on September 7, 2009

Even though yesterday was just sending little Elizabeth to music class and taking her out to dinner, but she seems happy. And, we just stay at home going no where today. Still, she never complain. Why? Cause she is quite clingy to the TV now. :roll:

Mummy did notice this unhealthy changes since a week or 2 ago. So, mummy thought of letting little Elizabeth to start playing puzzles. So, we bought lots of puzzles last week. Sad to see that she actually showed no interest in all of them, except this one.

So, you are interested in all the occupations and what are the tools their using to conduct their work? Is that means you are ready for more technical things now.¬†Hopefully, it’s not the time to split the toy cars or watches into pieces yet!

Anyway, mummy realized she is quite attentive when mummy explained to her about what is this or that can be use for now. So, we can start from easy ones such as why do we need wireless alarms in the house. Then, go deeper by showing her how to operate the alarm and how does the alarm functions. :)

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