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She “pom pom” for Bear Bear

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 10, 2009


See… Someone is bathing with her this morning. But, not daddy or mummy this time. It’s her bear bear.

Mummy:”We go “pom pom”,k? Mummy asked her while she was playing with her soft toys.


Mummy:”How about Elizabeth help bear bear to bathe?”

Liz starts laughing and said:” Bear bear “pom pom”, she (means I) “pom pom” for bear bear, ok?”

Ya! Mummy bathe for little Elizabeth, and she bathe for the bear bear. Hahahaha……….

This is quite a good trick. Thanks to bear bear. As she really don’t like to bathe these days. It just ain’t easy to get her to bathe. She will only agree to bathe immediately when we are going out “kai kai”.  :roll:

Thus, mummy needs lots of good ideas. Anyway, mummy had enjoy myself  while she was bathing for the bear bear. That’s very cute!  😛

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